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The world of color is one that differs for everyone. Personal tastes and trends are constantly changing, and there are a number of factors that affect the choice of color for each home. Working with décor, room design, and lighting are only the beginning of a color consultant’s job…

Read on to find out what clients look for in a professional color consultant!

An Eye-Catching Portfolio

Every professional home designer needs a portfolio, but for color consultants this is the most crucial asset to your career! Your portfolio needs to be well-coordinated and eye-catching. A clever use of color to mark different categories will make your work stand out.

Keep in mind that as a color consultant, your portfolio should be planned according to color schemes. This will make it easier for both you and your client to see a completed project where you used their desired colors. Additionally, it makes your portfolio flow much better! Plan your portfolio by laying out the photos you’ll be including, and order by flow of color.

Remember, you don’t want the color of your portfolio to outshine your fantastic work!

Unparalleled Knowledge

When it comes to color, there’s no guessing games to be played. One shade too warm and you’ll be changing the entire look of a room! Clients will want to see that you can decipher the difference between seemingly identical shades, and showing them on the spot will be quite impressive. Discuss how lighting and tone affect the overall color scheme, and let your clients know that color planning is much more than just painting!

You’ll need to work with furniture, textiles, accessories, art, wall and floor colors, and a plethora of other features to complete a room. Show your clients that you know how to do much more than just pick out a few paint colors…

Training for color consultants

A Set of Resources

Important for every color consultant! Having paint chips, temperature scales, and lighting charts on hand can help give your clients a better look at how colors will be selected. It will help them see that even though the color they’ve chosen works in the store, it won’t show up that way if they have used LED lightbulbs! It can be confusing for clients to understand your logic – especially when they have their heart set on one shade. But you’re there to find a color that meets expectations once it’s added into their home, so they’ll need to trust you.

Using visual aids is helpful for giving clients an inside look, as well as guiding you on the right color selection. In time, you’ll be able to discern the smallest differences in tone with a glance, but for now you better keep your guides on hand!

Creative Vision

Just like interior decorators, color consultants need to have a strong creative mind. Originality is what will draw clients to your designs, so keeping your color schemes unique is an important step in building your portfolio. Now, you don’t have to go extremely out-of-the-ordinary – but a small flair that distinguishes your designs shows off your creative vision.

Pairing paint chips and color scales can give your clients a new vision, as well. They might think they want eggshell white and lilac, but you can convince them to add that pop of yellow by pairing the perfect yellow shade!

Interior decor color schemes and theory

Reasonable Prices

On the topic of being a creative individual, you can use this trait to develop some unique design packages. If you also offer professional organizing or interior decorating services, add color consultations to the package! Not only will this help you raise your salary as a color consultant, you’ll be promoting all of your home design skills at once.

You’ll also need to be clever when it comes to pricing your color consulting services. Researching competitive pricing models in your area will give you a good frame to work within – but don’t feel like you need to undersell your services to be competitive! If your designs are the best, clients will be willing to pay a few pennies more for your expertise.

Or, if you find a client who wants you to design a color scheme throughout their entire home, you can offer a type of discount or bundle. If they’re giving you more business than the average client, it will make their day to knock off a few dollars! Don’t give too many discounts, but the occasional offer makes a big difference to your client’s overall experience.

Modern Style

Color consultants need to be stylish individuals with an eye for home design trends. Knowing the best color palettes (and the worst) will keep you at the forefront of the design industry. Some trends aren’t meant to stick around, and it’s your job as the color consultant to work with both old favorites and new color trends.

Your clients will appreciate the advice – in 5 years, they’ll be glad they don’t have an out-of-date color scheme!

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