Graduate Feature: Laura E. Kelly - QC Design School
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Name: Laura E. Kelly

Location: Palm Beach, Florida, United States

QC courses taken:


Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am originally from New Jersey and moved to Palm Beach County 13 years ago. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art from Fairfield University in Connecticut.

One of my first design jobs after graduation was working at a local boutique real estate agency. This, coupled with my artistic background, ultimately led me to where I am today—staging, selling and decorating homes in Florida! My goal is to provide my clients with a full service, one-stop shop for real estate and design services. I also am a trained Professional Organizer. I supervise home renovations, complete eDesign projects for, and provide consulting advice.

bathroom transformation interior decorating by Laura Kelly

Before & After Bathroom

Why did you decide to start a professional design and home staging career?

I graduated with an Art degree. Over time, though, I found myself drifting away from a creative career, and I wasn’t happy! I needed to have a creative outlet and discovered home staging—and one thing just led to another. A year ago, I quit my full-time office job and started my interior decorating and home staging business.

Did you become a home stager or a real estate agent first?

I became a certified Home Stager first. I got my real estate license a couple of years later. Being on both sides of the transaction has been helpful because I understand how sellers feel when they are getting ready to move. It is a really hard decision in some cases and I can certainly empathize with them. On the other side, I know what Buyers are looking for so I can use this to educate sellers (in the nicest way possible!)

Living room home staging transformation

Before & After Bathroom

How would you describe your decorating style? How does it differ from your staging style?

My personal decorating style is a mix of a lot of different styles—pretty much the opposite of staging!

I love color, texture and pattern. When I’m staging, I really let the house dictate the style. Fortunately, I love anything blue and white, and living in South Florida, a lot of houses embrace the coastal style!

Can you describe your favorite project so far?

 I love a challenge. Sometimes, Realtors and homeowners hire a home stager or decorator after they’ve reached a roadblock. Whatever they are doing on their own just wasn’t working, and they realized they needed professional help.

I recently staged a home that was on the market for over two years with two different Realtors. The sellers were extremely frustrated and hired me. Within six months of staging, the house was sold. I’ve participated in many different situations, but this was a favorite of mine!

Laura Sells Palm Beach - Interior Decorating and Redesign of a bathroom

Before & After Living Room

What’s the most popular service you offer?

I’ve been working as a professional organizer for the last year and that has gotten very popular!

Are there any career highlights you’d like to share?

Being able to start my own business has been extremely rewarding. Stressful, but rewarding!

Why did you choose QC to earn your home staging certification ?

I was working full-time when I decided to enroll in QC’s Home Staging course. I liked the learning process and the interaction with the teaching staff.

Kitchen renovation by Laura Kelly - home staging certification graduate

Before & After Kitchen

What’s on the horizon for your home staging business in 2019 and beyond?

Continued growth! I would love to get to a point where I could have a part-time assistant to take over the paperwork side of the business so I could continue working on design and acquiring new projects.

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