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An aspiring professional designer, Melissa Ujcic is a student of QC Design School’s Interior Decorating Course and Color Consultant Course.

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Why I Wanted Color Consultant Training

Have you ever chosen the wrong color for a room and realized it a little too late? This has happened to me a few times. As I’d be painting, I’d find my thoughts trying to convince me that once the whole room was done and the paint dried, I would like it. But then, lo and behold, I’d look at the final result and realize I should have trusted my gut.

In my own home, I have chosen grays that wound up looking purple. I’ve selected colors that proved to be far too dark for the space. After realizing that I needed help better understanding color, I decided that a color consultation course would be the best way to help me train my eye. Plus, with the right education, I’d not only be able to pick the best colors in my own house – I’d also be able to add it to my professional design career, too.

When I found QC Design School, I discovered that among their wide variety of courses, they offered a self-paced, extensive Color Consultant Course. Right away, I knew I had to jump in and get as much knowledge as I could. So, I enrolled!

The Importance of Color

Color is all around us. We see color in paint, fabrics, decorations, and so much more. I’m also training to become an interior decorator. As an interior decorator, I’ll be working with color in a bunch of different ways. Interior decorators need to know how to create a color palette, understand color psychology, consider how natural light will come into play, etc.

Color can affect a person’s mood and influence how they feel. Because it can influence an experience, you can never know how a client might react to a specific color. This is a big reason why color psychology is so interesting to me! I’m very excited to learn more about this concept in the Color Consultation Course!

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A Little More About Color Psychology

Have you ever walked into a space and felt overwhelmed by the color scheme? I used to work in a spa and the chosen color scheme was red, brown, and yellow. Now, I already know what you are thinking!

Red can bring out many intense feelings – and one of them is anger. It also can raise your blood pressure and sparks your appetites. Yellow can be a happy color. But it can also be hard on the eyes, triggering headaches or tiredness. I don’t think I even need to talk about brown.

Needless to say, these colors were not spa colors. Knowing what I knew about colors at the time, I talked to my boss about repainting the spa. I felt I had enough knowledge to know that shades of blues were relaxing, calming, and ultimately a better selection for the atmosphere the business was trying to create.

Understanding Trends as a Color Consultant

Trends also play a HUGE part in color consulting. When talking with a client, it’s important to determine whether they’d like to stick to current trends or not. If the trend loses popularity, will they eventually want to redo their space again? Will they be okay with this? Or will they want something timeless; something that will always be ‘in style’?

I tend to follow trends in my own home. Even though I know that down the road, the trend might change, I don’t mind. I like keeping my surrounding current and refreshed. (I’m sure it drives my husband a bit crazy, though!  Anyone else here who can relate?)

Color trends are yet another reason why I enrolled in QC’s Color Consultant Course. One of the things I want to learn is how to create timeless looks with color. By discovering the trends and demographic statistics throughout history, I’ll be able to elevate my design business, attract more clients, improve my overall professional career!

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Where I’m Hoping to Improve

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve struggled in the past with picking out paint colors. I tend to feel overwhelmed and intimidated when selecting them. I’ll stand in front of the color swatch display at my local home improvement retailer and simply stare at all of the options.

Typically, I’ll go in with an idea but then change my mind several times once I see everything at my disposal. I tell myself, “Picking a color should NOT be this hard!” In the back of my mind, I guess I still think of those situations where I chose the wrong color and had to repaint. The risk of making the same mistake causes me to overthink, which then makes the situation spiral.

It was because of these struggled that I ultimately signed up for the Color Consultant Course. While I’ve not yet started on this program yet (I’m currently finishing my Interior Decorating Course), I firmly believe that the color course will help me feel more confident. One of my main goals is to believe in myself and no longer second-guess my instincts when choosing colors.

Why Train During a Pandemic?

If anything, there’s no better time for me to get this training than right now! “New year, new you” is how the saying goes, right? 2021 has me so excited!

Yes, we’re all struggling with different obstacles during this trying time. But this way, I’m choosing to maximize my time and circumstances so that something positive can come out of all of this! Maybe it sounds cheesy, but I’m incredibly eager for what comes next. We are all looking for a brighter year. Taking control of my career aspirations and making them happen is one way for me to make the best of a bad situation.

On top of the knowledge I know I’ll gain, I’m also looking forward to earning a legitimate, reputable certification in color consultation. That’s one of the reasons I chose to train with QC Design School. Their courses provide you with internationally-recognized certifications. As a result, when I complete this course, I’ll have an official International Color Consulting Professional (ICCP) mailed right to my door that I can add to my resume!

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Why I Recommend QC Design School

QC Design School has so many great qualities about them! They provide students with a self-paced environment; meaning that you can work on your studies on your own schedule. Since their courses are virtual, they can also be done from literally anywhere you want. It helps, too, that their course pricing is very competitive. Especially during COVID-19, the different payment options they provide are flexible and affordable, which I really appreciate.

Another perk of enrolling with QC id that you get to meet and network with other students and grads in such places like the Virtual Classroom on Facebook. You can post or reach out for support at any time! Then there’s also the tutors. Every QC tutor is an industry professional who is there to guide you through each unit of your course. After every unit, they even submit audio feedback to encouraging you and help you grow.

This is a time to make changes – and QC Design School makes the transition effortless. It’s so easy to sign up! Plus, there’s always a monthly promotional discount for you to take advantage of. It also definitely doesn’t hurt that QC has an A+ ranking from the Better Business Bureau, too!

My Final Thoughts

Based on my experience with QC Design School, I would absolutely recommend them to anyone interested in pursuing a career in the design industry! All you need to do is set goals for yourself and hold yourself accountable. So long as you’re willing to put in the time and hard work, there’s nothing that can stop you!

With the excitement of doing something new in 2021, I have so much motivation – and I’m hoping you do, too! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog article. If you have any questions, you can connect with me directly in the Virtual Classroom. I look forward to seeing you there!

Ready to start the career of your dreams? Enroll in QC’s Color Consultant Course and graduate in just 3-6 months!

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  • Alexa Jorgenson says:

    This is an excellent article that really highlights the importance of color in design and the greatness of QC’s course! Great work Melissa!

    • Sarah-Lynn Seguin says:

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Alexa! It was so much fun to read Melissa’s awesome insights. We definitely agree with her that color plays a MAJOR role in design, and we’re proud of her for working hard to earn her color consulting certification. <3

      All the best,
      The QC Team

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