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This summer, encourage clean, positive energy within your home by incorporating these 5 key Feng Shui principles!

Fernanda Olaya is the proud owner of Coerenti and a QC Design School Student Ambassador. As a professional designer, Fernanda’s goal is to help clients rediscover their essence and reflect it in their living spaces in a holistic, comprehensive way.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy. It studies our environment and the relationships we cultivate as human beings. Over the years, Feng Shui design has been proven to have a positive influence in our home environment.

The literal meaning of Feng Shui is “water and wind.” That definition is more important than ever during the summer months. Here’s why: one of the principles we learn with Feng Shui is how to balance ourselves with nature and the five natural elements. After all, everything in life is cyclic. This applies to both our environment and us as people.

For this reason, it’s vital to know how we can adjust accordingly with season changes.

Adjusting to the Summer Season

At QC Design School, we learn to create balance in our spaces. As Feng Shui consultants, we must understand how to go along with the home transformation during each season.

In June, we experienced the longest day of the year: the summer solstice. With that brought a powerful presence of Yang energy. The Yang energy is active, strong, and vibrant. It represents sounds, colors, and bright lights. The Yin energy, on the other hand, is passive. It encourages relaxation. Moreover, Yin energy is represented in calm colors, soft music, a water fountain’s soothing sound, or relaxing water images.

During the summer, Feng Shui is associated with fire. Fire is the greatest manifestation of Yang energy! It brings us heat, confidence in ourselves, creativity, and passion. It’s a moment of sharing and being outside. As I mentioned before, it’s essential to create harmony between these two forces. As such, let’s take a look at five important tips that will help you create a balanced home this summer!

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5 Feng Shui Tips for Summer

Tip #1: Create Balance

Everything in Feng Shui is about perceiving coherence within the space. Summer is represented with the color red. Now, I don’t encourage you to have this color in Yin spaces, such as bedrooms. This is because red can create unwanted emotions/feelings, like anger or overstimulation. However, it is recommend in social areas – such as the living room or dining room – as the prominent energy in these spaces is Yang.

Evaluate your spaces and determine which type of social space you have. Does your decor have more white, gray, or blue elements? If so, try to incorporate a couple of cushions with red or orange patterns!

On the other hand, what if your living room already presents a very Yang-marked energy with red and orange decorations? Then I suggest trying to implement artwork with water features or elements. You can do this by incorporating white or blue colors.

Tip #2: Decorate Your Gardens

Summer is a time of sharing. Thus, we want to spend more time outside, enjoying the sun and good weather. The Yang energy present at this time of year leads us to enjoy the outdoors; cultivating our social relationships with family and friends. This is why the summer season presents the perfect opportunity to decorate and enhance your gardens, backyard, and front doors!

3 elements you have to consider, in order to have a perfect social environment in your backyard, are:

  • Healthy plants! Your plant life should be of different sizes and colors. This will help give life to the outdoor space.
  • Comfort! This is essential. I recommend locating cozy, exterior furniture with a parasol.
  • Light! This is also a vital element. During the day, we have enough sun presence. At night, however, make sure you brighten the paths and light up a portable metal fire pit. This way, you’ll have a social environment during the day, as well as at night.
Sunflowers in field, outdoors during bright summer day.

Tip #3: Introduce Sunflowers

When creating a summer vibe in and around your home, you want to introduce flowers to your spaces. So, what a better choice than a sunflower? Sunflowers are a perfect representation of happiness. Plus, they’re symbols of good luck! They turn their face to meet the sun. As a result, planting them in your garden will bring you good fortune.

If you have the opportunity, place this flower in the fame and reputation area of your home. It’ll activate this area of your life.

Not sure where this area is within your home? In QC Design School’s self-paced, online Feng Shui Design Course, you’ll learn how to place the Bagua Map in both interior and exterior spaces!

Tip #4: Water Features are Key for Summer Feng Shui

What could be more refreshing on a beautiful summer day than hearing water run?

The first step is to understand the Bagua map in your garden. Ideally, you’ll try to locate this feature in the Career Gua, in order to activate this area of your life. Next, be mindful of the size of your garden or backyard. One thing you can do is place a water fountain. However, keep in mind that it’s better to have the water flowing towards your house.

Water is an ancient symbol of wealth and abundance. As such, we prefer it to flow towards your home – instead of away from it.

Gold wind bell under the tree.

Tip #5: Wind Chimes for Positive Vibrations

Another Feng Shui element you can’t forget about is sound. Sound can be present in different ways – and one of them is through a wind chime. This summer, we all want to remove negative energy, shift away from it, and welcome positive vibes instead.

After all, it’s the time for holidays and vacations! Plus, there’s been enough negative energy over the past year and a half. Needless to say, it’s time to put that behind you and look towards a brighter, happier future!

When a wind chime creates sound vibrations, they move through the spaces to shift the energy. So, try to place your wind chime in the area of the Bagua Map associated with the metal element. These are Dui (creativity and children) and Qian (helpful people and travel). Placing a wind chime in one of these areas is auspicious because it activates the metal element. What’s more – it can bring you luck for traveling, especially during this time of the year.

Feng Shui for Summer: My Final Thoughts

When incorporating these tips, the most important thing is the intentions you have. Summer is a season full of joy and happiness. Every element that brings you these positive feelings will be good for you, because you have a positive association.

Enjoy this moment with your family and friends. If you create a welcoming home full of vibrant energy, your mood and attitude will be lifted up. In the end, this is the objective of Feng Shui design.

QC Design School’s Feng Shui Course

Since you’re already interested in adding Feng Shui to your home, why not learn even more by getting a professional certification in the subject?

QC Design School’s Feng Shui Course taught me how to evolve with my client’s home. Thanks to my certification training, I now know how to help my customers throughout different moments of the year. This is because I understand that our homes change just as constantly as we do.

A small decorative waterfall in the garden. Landscape design.

Why I Recommend This Training Program

When YOU take this program, one of the skills you’ll learn is how to balance the natural elements. While this basic concept might seem simple, it actually requires a lot of skill. However, since QC provides you with tons of exercises and practical, hands-on examples, you’ll get more and more experienced. By the time you graduate, you’ll be a certified Feng Shui expert!

Furthermore, I recommend QC’s Feng Shui certification mainly because of the high-quality materials I received as part of my training. Moreover, I was paired with a tutor who’s a real industry professional. The personalized audio feedback they provide after each unit is invaluable!

It’s also a major benefit that you can easily complement your studies with other programs, since QC offers so many different home design courses. In my case, I also took their Professional Organizing Course. I found this program to be very useful on its own – but it also paired with my Feng Shui certification in a wonderfully harmonious way, too.

Want to connect with me directly, ask me questions, or learn more about my experience with QC Design School? Join their free Virtual Classroom on Facebook today and find me there! And don’t forget to leave a comment down below to share your thoughts… as well as any additional Feng Shui tips you have for the upcoming summer season!

Thanks so much for reading!

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