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Want to take your design career to the next level? Enroll with QC Design School and obtain an internationally-recognized home staging certification!

Today, join QC Design School graduate and professional designer, Caryl Lo, as she reveals why SHE’S taking a home staging course – and why YOU should, too!

About Me

Hello, everyone – I’m back!

My name is Caryl. I’m the owner and designer of MOODS OF GREEN Interiors, which specializes in refreshing spaces. If you remember from my Student Ambassador Feature that QC Design School published earlier this summer, I primarily discussed Interior Decorating. Now, I’m super excited to talk about QC Design School’s home staging certification training!

Just a little bit about myself first…

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I moved to Dubai from the Philippines in 2005. I’ve worked in Sales and Marketing for the majority of my corporate life. But when I left the corporate world 2 years ago, I decided to pursue my lifelong passion for interior styling.

I’ve always enjoyed looking at beautiful spaces, rearranging my furniture, and making environments feel warm and inviting. Moreover, I always believe that it’s never too late to learn something new and pursue your true passion!

When I saw the wide variety of internationally-recognized certification courses at QC Design School, I immediately enrolled myself in 2 of them: Interior Decorating and Home Staging.

In May of this year, I received my Interior Decorating and Design Professional certification/designation from QC Design School. From there, I started my very own design services company in June. I’m currently in my last unit for the Staging for Designers Course.

Today, I’m super excited to share what I’ve learned so far in my journey to achieving my home staging certification. Plus, I’ll reveal the top reasons why YOU should take this training program, too! And just in case you’re interested, I’ll also briefly discuss the other QC Design School courses that’ll perfectly complement your brand-new home staging certification.

So, let’s dive in!

What is a Home Stager?

Before you embark upon your journey to receive your home staging certification, you first need to understand what exactly a home stager does.

Basically, a home stager creates living spaces that appeal to the widest range of potential buyers, or a specific target market, to increase the likelihood of a house being sold. How exciting is that when you’re part of the whole selling process?

And not just “a part of it” – but a HUGE and VITAL factor for a home to sell!

Overall, a certified and professionally trained home stager can assist homeowners and realtors in achieving a quick and profitable sale at a low cost. A home stager is a well-trained subject-matter expert who will help clients in viewing the property through the eyes of a buyer. In doing so, they stage homes so that potential buyers can envision themselves living in the space – thereby increasing the likelihood of a faster sale!

Is There a Demand for Home Staging?

You bet there is… especially right now in the current market! Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, countless homeowners were unable to list their properties for sale over the course of 2020. But now that the world is slowly returning to normal and sellers can safely list their homes again, the real estate market is RED HOT!

Furthermore, recent stats reported by Norada Real Estate Investments predict that this high demand won’t slow down anytime soon!

What does this mean for you?

Essentially, that now is the PRIME TIME to get a home staging certification and add staging services to your design business!

Want to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about becoming a home stager? Check out our Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide!

Career Opportunities with a Home Staging Certification

But wait, there’s more! In general, there are tons of potential career opportunities for a professional home stager. That’s definitely one of the many perks of this particular job.

For instance, you can:

  • With work furniture firms and design showrooms;
  • Stage living spaces (both occupied and empty);
  • Work directly with real estate agents and property management companies;
  • Be hired directly by home sellers;
  • And SO much more!
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What You’ll Learn During Your Training

If you want to become a home stager, then the real question is: how can you create a design style that will appeal to a broad audience? Furthermore, how can you realize your client’s vision for their home spaces, while keeping their budget in mind? Where will you begin, and how will you complete a project from beginning to end?

These are just some of the topics you will study when you enroll in QC Design School’s home staging certification course!

This program will even walk you through the entire process of starting and running your own design business!

QC Design School’s Home Staging Training

Okay, so now you’re interested in pursuing your home staging certification with QC Design School. What’s the next step?

As you’ll see on their business website, they offer 2 programs for you to choose from:

  1. The Home Staging Course
  2. And the Staging for Designers Course

So, which one should YOU enroll in?

Both courses basically teach the exact same things, with one fundamental difference: if you don’t intend to also take QC’s Interior Decorating Course, then the Home Staging Course is the best fit for you. However, if you do plan to also take the Interior Decorating Course, then you’ll want to enroll in the Staging for Designers program.

This way, all of the lessons and information taught are complementary – without overlapping unnecessarily.

The reason behind this is simple: QC’s Home Staging Course covers certain information also taught in the Interior Decorating Course. To take both of these courses would – in some units – be a little derivative. The Staging for Designers Course, however, is meant to be paired with the Interior Decorating Course.

Additional QC Courses That’ll Pair Perfectly with Your Home Staging Certification

Interior Decorating

As I mentioned above, QC’s Staging for Designers Course is perfect for those also getting trained as an interior decorator. In general, these two areas of the design industry are a match made in heaven!

Why is this?

It’s simple, really. When it comes to interior decorating, you’ll largely design specifically to your clients’ distinct tastes and styles. On the whole, though, you master the skills needed to turn any space into an aesthetically-pleasing experience.

Home staging training, on the other hand, teaches you this similar skill-set, but targeted towards a more general audience. As a result, you’ll understand how to depersonalize a client’s space in order to tailor it to a wider range of people, tastes, and design preferences.

In short: interior decorating and home staging are two halves of the same, all-encompassing skill-set. When you combine them together, you’re truly unstoppable!

Interested in QC’s Interior Decorating Course? Read our full course curriculum here!

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Color Consulting

The Color Consulting Course at QC Design School is also a great complement to their home staging certification training. From the curb appeal to the interior of the property, color plays a vital role in home staging.

Moreover, you’ll want to come up with appealing exterior color schemes that’ll pique the interest of potential buyers the moment they first view your client’s house!

Discover how YOU can earn an International Color Consulting Professional (ICCP) certification in as little as 3-6 months with QC’s Color Consultant Course!

Virtual Design

One thing we all discovered, thanks to the global pandemic, was that many design services can actually be offered online. Thus, adding virtual services to your home staging business (and design business in general) is one of the SMARTEST moves you can make these days!

Thanks to QC’s one-unit Virtual Design Training Course, you can learn everything you need to take your business online and offer clients – both locally and globally – home staging services from the comfort of home. Not only will this provide a more flexible option for both you and your clients; it’ll drastically expand your client reach and booking potential, too!

Want some awesome tips to help you book virtual home staging jobs? Here’s an eye-opening article by fellow QC Design School Student Ambassador, Daniella De Luca!

From One Designer to Another: Why I Think a Home Staging Certification is Critical

Let’s say you already have a design business that currently specializes in some other area of the industry. Why then should you ALSO pursue a home staging certification?

As a business owner of a design services company, I strongly believe that providing a diverse range of services to your clientele is one of the smartest moves you can possibly make!

With the help of home staging training, you’ll be in charge of creating styles that appeal to a broad audience, while at the same time meeting the goals of the clients. Successfully achieving these goals could result in the house being sold sooner and above asking price.

When this happens, your happy clients will be more likely to leave positive testimonials and/or refer you to people they know. Plus, every project will arm you with high-quality photos to use in your professional design portfolio, both on social media and your business website.

All of these things combined will boost your bookings, attract more clients, give your business a better reputation, and increase your earnings! And don’t forget: the more training you get under your belt for additional services, the higher you can raise your rates for all OTHER services, too!

In my opinion, there’s no downside to getting trained and certified as a home stager. No matter how you look at it, this additional education will positively impact your career and overall skill-set as an industry expert. And just as importantly, your clients will be confident that you actually know what you’re doing, since you received adequate training from a reputable institution!

Final Thoughts

How has earning a home staging certification benefited YOUR design career? Let me know in the comments below!

And as always, don’t hesitate to connect with me directly in QC Design School’s free Virtual Classroom on Facebook. I look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks so much for reading!

Ready to get started? Enroll with QC Design School today and graduate with your internationally-recognized home staging certification in as little as 3-6 short months!

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  • Bradley Schlagheck says:

    Welcome back! Thanks for all of the great info. I wouldn’t have my career if it weren’t for my 2 QC certifications!

  • Daniella De Luca says:

    Great article! I paired my interior decor course with home staging for designers when I first enrolled and it was hugely beneficial!!

    • Sloane Seguin says:

      Hey Daniella, thanks so much for reading and for leaving such an awesome comment! We love that you paired your Interior Decorating Course with QC’s home staging certification course. Definitely a smart career move – and we’re so happy to hear that it’s been paying off for you! <3

      All the best,
      The QC Team

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