10 Reasons To Add Event Decor To Your Design Business

Is your design business booming but you’re looking for ways to take it to the next level? Are you considering a career in home design but want to know what other paths your decorating skills can take you? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then you’re making a smart move! Today, we’re here to look at 10 top reasons why you should add event decor to your business.

So, let’s get to it!

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What Does Event Decor Mean?

Event decor is the art of transforming an ordinary space into something extraordinary. And it’s more than just arranging furniture and selecting color palettes. Rather, it’s designing a cohesive atmosphere that captures the spirit of any event. From weddings to corporate events, your skills in event decorating can create beautiful, memorable moments for clients!

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10 Reasons To Add Event Decor to Your Design Business

Alright, let’s get to the reason why you’re here: you’re interested in adding event decor to your business. But first, you want to make sure that decision will actually benefit you.

The good news is, it DEFINITELY will! And here are 10 reasons why:

1. It’s Profitable

Event decorating can be highly profitable, especially if you’re working with high-end clients who have larger budgets for their events. You can easily double or even triple your hourly rate when doing event design work!

To put this into perspective, the annual salary for an event decorator in the United States typically ranges from $55,600 to $81,000 USD. And keep in mind, this is the salary of someone who ONLY focuses on event decorating.

Now, imagine what that figure would look like if you were factoring in your other business services as well!

2. You’ll Develop New Skills

Event decorating requires a unique set of skills that you can’t learn from simply designing and/or decorating homes.

Yes, there are certain skills that absolutely overlap. For example, you’ll need to be able to think on your feet and come up with creative solutions for any given situation (all while staying within the client’s budget). Furthermore, your knowledge of color, texture, and design will come in handy as you develop themes and decor for events.

Beyond that, though, what are these “unique skills” we’re talking about?

Well, you’ll need to be able to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions for any given situation. You’ll also need an eye for detail and attention to finer points like lighting, sound, venue layout and more. And again, this is all while staying within the client’s budget!

3. Stronger Brand Awareness

When you add event decor to your business, you’re simultaneously getting a stronger sense of brand awareness. You can create and maintain a solid reputation as an event decorator by showcasing the work you’ve done for past clients on your website, social media, and other platforms.

This will help potential new customers get familiar with your style, recognize what kind of event decor they can expect from you, and refer others to your services. Not to mention, you’ll be establishing yourself as a designer who can not only transform clients’ homes, but their special celebrations as well.

The result? A more successful business that stands out among the competition!

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4. More Diversity in Your Design Portfolio

When you offer event decor services, it’ll give your design portfolio a much-needed boost of diversity. After all, a strong portfolio should include photos from multiple types of projects that show off the range and scope of your design capabilities.

By adding event decor to your business, you can show potential clients that you have skills in creating something visually stunning — regardless of the type of space you’re working with. Plus, this can give you credibility in other areas of design as well (such as interior decorating, home staging, floral design, etc.), since you know how to create a cohesive look and feel from start to finish.

How to Build an Event Decor Portfolio

When first branching out into the world of event decorating, you might not know where to start or how to land real-world work in order to start building this side of your portfolio. Here are 4 ideas we strongly recommend:

  1. Offer your services to friends and family! Ask them if they have any upcoming events or celebrations that you can help decorate and, if possible, offer your services for free (or perhaps a discounted rate). This way you can get some tangible examples of your work to showcase in your portfolio.
  2. Volunteer at local charity events or galas! This won’t only give you the opportunity to work on something new, but it’s also a great way to build relationships with local vendors, suppliers, venues, and other experts in your industry.
  3. Lend your event decorating skills to a stylized photoshoot! This is a great option for when you don’t have hands-on work experience yet, but still want to show off your design skills. Though this work more than likely won’t be paid, you probably will get a copy of the high-quality images taken during the shoot… Which is worth its own weight in gold!
  4. Reach out to your past home design clients! After all, they already know and trust your work. So, it’s a great idea to let them know that you’re now offering event decorating services, t
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5. Increased Networking Opportunities

Another reason to add event decor to your business is that you then open the door to more networking opportunities. After all, events are full of creative professionals and potential new customers who could be looking for a designer like you!

Plus, this is also a great way to build relationships with other vendors in the industry, such as:

  • Caterers
  • Florists
  • Event/wedding planners
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Venues
  • And more!

By networking with these people, you can get referrals, build relationships, and even team up on projects in the future. Not to mention, this will provide your design business with a wider range of services to offer clients. As a result, it’ll become that much easier for them to work with you exclusively!

6. Larger Client Base

By offering event decor services, you’ll be appealing to not only the residential interior design crowd but also the special events and celebrations crowd. This is obviously a very business-savvy move to make, as it’ll allow you to double (or even triple) your potential customer base. In turn, this will result in more bookings and a higher income!

Plus, with this larger client base comes the potential to do more events year-round. This means that instead of just working on one or two large-scale projects throughout the year, you’ll now have the opportunity to do many smaller ones as well.

7. More Design Challenges = More Creative Outlets

As a designer, you’re always looking for new challenges that let you express your creativity. With event decorating, you can do just that! After all, every event is unique and offers a wide range of design opportunities.

Plus, each project comes with the potential to think outside the box and be creative in ways you never thought possible!

8. Add Variety to Your Services (and Work Routine)

Let’s face it, designing a home is a lot of work and can be quite taxing (mentally and emotionally) after awhile. So, by adding event decor to your business, you’ll now have the opportunity to inject some variety into your daily workflow.

Plus, having the ability to switch between designing homes and events gives you more flexibility, as well as the potential for a higher income, as we mentioned earlier!

9. Your Design Business Will Be Better Prepared Financially

Having your business financially prepared is key to surviving the slow months and unexpected challenges of entrepreneurship. And if you add event decor to your design business, then you’ll be able to take on more projects year-round. This means that your income can remain relatively steady throughout the entire year (making it easier for you to save).

10. Increased Career Opportunities

Finally, adding event decor to your design business will open the door to many more career opportunities. Not only will you be able to work on more projects; you’ll also be able to expand your skill set and gain a unique understanding of the special event industry.

Plus, this will make you much more appealing to potential employers. And if you plan on working for yourself, you’ll be that much more bookable to clients looking for someone with specialized skills!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Finally, let’s answer some need-to-know questions about being an event decorator…

Q: What’s the best way to become an event decorator?

A: The best way to become an event decorator is by taking the right courses, gaining the necessary skills, and then putting them to use in a real-world setting. QC’s Event Decor certification course is a great place to start!

Q: Is event decorating business profitable?

A: Yes, it can be! With the right skills, knowledge, and experience, you can have a successful business providing event decor services.

Q: What is the importance of decoration in an event?

A: Decoration plays an important role in any event. It can help create the perfect atmosphere for your guests and bring the overall theme to life. Plus, it helps set the tone of your event, making it more memorable for everyone who attends!

Q: What are some tips for being successful as an event decorator?

A: Here are just a small handful of important tips for being successful as an event decorator:

  • Stay up to date on the latest trends in event decor
  • Get organized and create detailed timelines/checklists so you don’t miss any important details
  • Build relationships with vendors and suppliers
  • Always strive to exceed your clients’ expectations
  • Understand the importance of having a unique and creative style
  • Network with other event professionals in your area

Q: What are the 5 C’s of event designing?

A: The 5 C’s of event designing are:

  1. Concept – having a clear vision for the event;
  2. Coordination – organizing all of the details and making sure everything runs smoothly;
  3. Control – managing and troubleshooting any issues that may arise during an event;
  4. Culmination – bringing together all of the elements of the event to create a cohesive and memorable experience;
  5. And Closeout – wrapping up the event and making sure all of the loose ends have been tied up.

These five essential elements will help you create an effective event design that meets your client’s needs and expectations.

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Q: What are the 3 basics of decorating?

A: Whether you’re decorating a home or decorating an event, there are three basic principles you need to keep in mind…

The first is color. Choosing the right colors can create an atmosphere, set a tone, and make a space feel inviting.

The second is texture. Textures can add dimension and can help create interest in a particular space or room.

And finally, balance. You want to achieve a sense of balance within a room or space. This can be done by using symmetry, asymmetry, and visual weight.

These three basics will help you create an amazing event decor that your clients will love!

Q: What are the types of event decoration?

A: There are many different types of event decoration, including:

  • Centerpieces
  • Floral arrangements
  • Lighting
  • Backdrops
  • Arches
  • Draping, etc.

Each type of decoration adds a unique touch to an event and helps to create the perfect atmosphere!

Q: What are some of the most common things needed for event decoration?

A: Some of the most commonly-needed items for event decoration include:

  • Table linens, such as tablecloths and runners
  • Flatware, like plates and napkins
  • Lighting, including string lights and spotlights
  • Backdrops, such as drapes or banners
  • Centerpieces, like flowers or candles
  • Arches, to frame a space
  • And more!

Q: How do you advertise event decorations?

A: Advertising event decorations can be done in a variety of ways. You can advertise:

  • Online
  • Through social media channels
  • Through paid advertisements
  • Via email campaigns
  • By setting up an attractive website
  • Using traditional marketing techniques such as flyers or postcards, etc.

Additionally, you should also consider partnering with local vendors and venues to gain even more exposure for your services.

Q: What are some good event decoration business ideas?

A: Some good event decoration business ideas include:

  • Creating customized designs and decorations for weddings
  • Providing balloon bouquets for parties and corporate events
  • Organizing themed decor for special occasions
  • Offering flower arranging services
  • Designing and setting up backdrops, arches, and other decorative elements.

These are just a few of the ways you can make your event decoration business successful.

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Q: Is event decoration a good business?

A: Absolutely! With the right knowledge and skills, event decoration can be a great way to make money. It helps you to showcase your creativity and artistic flair, while also providing an essential service for special occasions. Event decorators are always in demand as events of all types keep happening all year round, so it’s a business that can be very lucrative and rewarding.

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Event decorating is a great business to get into if you have a creative eye, an organized mind, and the skills and dedication necessary to deliver exceptional results. With the right approach and planning, you’ll be able to create beautiful, eye-catching designs that will help to make any event truly special. Add event decorating to your design business today for greater success!

Thanks for reading!

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