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What Clients Look for in a Professional Organizer

By December 3, 2015 November 14th, 2019 3 Comments

Professional organizing clients often need help with more than just tidying a room. They’re looking for individuals who possess the skills they themselves lack or need improvement. For example:

  • Clients who have the desire to get organized but who are a bit scattered want to work with a professional who has great time management.
  • Clients who have tried changing their storage habits but just can’t get a grip on clutter will benefit from working with someone who pays close attention to detail.

A combination of good training and industry experience will help you practice the skills that clients value the most.

What attractive traits do you think clients will see when they look at your professional website? Which skills will your past clients assure potential new clients that you excel in? Check out the following list and think about which of these skills your clients can rely on you for!

Organized boxes and plant

Good training

Professional organizing is the kind of career you can learn through practical experience and industry work. Your skills will be regarded highly if you have several great contracts under your belt. As a beginner, however, proof that you’ve completed quality training will help you get initial clients more easily. Professional certificates reassure clients that you’re invested in your career and prepared to give them quality service.

A good portfolio or resume

Even if you’re new and haven’t worked many professional contracts, presenting the experience you do have in a professional manner will impress clients much more than asking them to take your word for it. A well-formatted resume or a high quality portfolio will greatly increase your chances of being hired. Clients asking you for service in their private homes will feel more secure if they can see that previous clients trusted you and were satisfied with your services.

Time management

Chances are good that a person seeking a professional organizer has already tried to solve the problem themselves. Perhaps they found themselves thinking “I’ll do it later” or “I just don’t have time right now.” Clients like this are looking for someone who excels where they had trouble.

Disorganized dog needing a professional organizer

The client will need your help setting goals, working within a realistic timeframe, and finishing what you set out to do in a time-efficient manner. As you work to get the client organized, you can teach them how to take advantage of every hour they have available in order to develop better time management skills.

Problem solving skills

In particularly disorganized scenarios, the best solution isn’t always obvious. It’s possible clients have tried several solutions that have been ineffective. They’ll want to work with professionals who can think outside the box and help rethink their space from the ground up, or restructure their current routine. Your problem solving skills are one of the top qualities clients are looking for!

An eye for detail

Professional organizing clients are paying you for more than just a Band-Aid solution. People who have already tried the work on their own will be particularly keen to work with someone who can do a much more thorough job.

They’ll be impressed by your ability to take all aspects of the situation into account and address each one. Evaluate the details of the room or routine to uncover why their methods weren’t working and how you can help them adjust for the better.

Drive and determination

Professional organizing is a rewarding career, but some of your contracts won’t be a walk in the park. You might commit to a seemingly small project and then realize once you’ve started that it’s a much bigger problem than you thought.

It takes determination to reevaluate your approach and try something different. Clients will love to see that you have the self-motivation and drive to keep working through roadblocks and solve problems no matter what you’re faced with.

Woman becoming a professional organizer

A passion for coordination

Investing yourself in solving big problems to help other people is an admirable goal. Not everyone feels as passionate as you do about making sense of a stranger’s clutter or confusion. Clients will love to see that you enjoy your job, have your head in the game, and feel passionate about what you do. They’ll be far more willing to pay for your services than someone who treats them like a chore!

Give clients what they’re looking for

Don’t be afraid to showcase that you have the skills clients are looking for. Use your website, portfolio, and promotional materials to let people know you can give them the service they need and do it well. Don’t promise anything you can’t deliver, but let your clients see that you’re excited and prepared to help them find the organizational solutions that are best for them.

Interested in becoming a professional organizer? Read the Professional Organizing Course Outline to see if this course might be right for you!

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