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Tradition is tricky in the interior decorating world. On the one hand, there’s no reason to follow an outdated interior decorating “rule” just because it’s a traditional design choice. On the other, some of those traditions exist because they’re practical. There’s a reason most people don’t try to move their kitchen appliances into the living room.

But the interior decorating world always has room for some fresh ideas. Design rules are, after all, made to be broken, and someone had to try it out first. Take a look at some of the unconventional interior decorating ideas we’ve rounded up. Are they interesting innovations or just poorly designed?

1. The Bathtub in the Bedroom

If you’re anything like us, the idea of moving the bathtub into the bedroom probably has you scratching your head. Hear us out, though.

We’ve talked before about how the bathroom tends to get a little neglected in many homes. Now, this idea might seem strange, but it is a good way to help make the bathroom a real part of the house. Keeping it open—or moving the tub out altogether—helps create a sense of continuity between master bedroom and bathroom. Plus, the high visibility encourages you to actually invest some time and effort in your bathroom décor.

Bathtub in the bedroom decor idea

Abigail Ahern covers a few gorgeous examples of this trend on her blog, and points out that bringing the bathtub into the bedroom can also inspire you to look beyond specialized bathroom stores for your décor.

Our verdict: We like the open bathroom concept, but bringing the tub into the bedroom seems like it would fit best for an apartment. Cool idea, but perhaps not universally applicable.

2. The Unconventional Classic

More of a general style choice than a specific décor touch, we’ll admit this idea has us pretty excited. This style takes its inspiration from classic elements like chandeliers and marble, but infuses them with unconventional twists.

Take the beautiful lavender countertops in this classic kitchen. Or what about the delightfully modern touches on these rustic converted barn homes?

Classic antique desk in modern colors

What we love most about this idea is its versatility. Get as unconventional as you want, or stay subtle with just a few surprise touches. Either way, you’re sure to end up with a uniquely personal space.

Our verdict: Definitely a winner! This style innovation is a great way to incorporate classic design elements without making them too stuffy or formal.

3. The Outdoor Shower/Tub

After years of neglect, the bathroom is finally becoming a hotspot for interior decorating innovation—and that brings us to another unconventional bathtub placement.

Obviously, this one has some restrictions. Either you need to live someplace warm year-round, or you need to plan on making this design feature a seasonal thing. For some places an outdoor shower is perfectly practical—like the cottage or the poolside. For others, it’s a matter of adding a little extra luxury.

There is a certain charm to the look of a naturalized shower or a simple white tub brought outdoors. We can’t help thinking it would be a little less fun during those unexpected cold spells, though.

Outdoor bathtub

Our verdict: The practicality issue is, sadly, a big one. If you want to bring your bathroom to the outdoors, we’d prefer a bathroom-sized balcony or garden. With the doors open you can still let the outdoors in—but you can also shut the bad weather out!

4. The Hidden Kitchen

Kitchens get cluttered. Even the most organized homeowners have those days where they just don’t have the time to do a quick tidy before rushing out the door. Sadly, this unconventional interior decorating idea won’t keep your kitchen from getting messy—but it will let you hide that mess away when you have company.

This minimalist design idea features flat kitchens set right into the wall. When you want to cook, the kitchen stays open, hosting all the appliances you need to make your meal. When you’re done, a series of sliding or folding doors can quickly cover everything up.

Modern minimalist kitchen decor ideas

Can’t quite picture a house without its kitchen? Check out this post from Remodelista for photos of some creatively minimized kitchens.

Our verdict: No, thank you. The kitchen is one of the friendliest, most welcoming rooms in the home. Why cover that up? Minimalism may be a major design trend right now, but this takes it a little too far. Most of these homes just end up looking sterile and unlived-in.

5. The Upscale RV

Not everyone dreams of a huge house, and for people looking to simplify their life, a tiny home promises to help. Moving to an RV doesn’t have to be a last resort, though. Businesses like the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company have started designing incredibly stylish, and incredibly little homes.

Rustic RV decorating idea

Whether you’re looking to downsize or craving a home on the road, this unconventional idea seems more likely to require a professional organizer than an interior decorator. Despite the size, though, there’s still a lot of room to personalize. Tiny house interiors range from rustic charm to scaled-down modern spaces, depending on their owners’ tastes. Plus, it gives you the perfect opportunity to put all your hidden storage skills to use.

Our verdict: This definitely isn’t for everyone, but if you’re committed to the concept it’s a much homier space than many RVs. Just remember to consider pets, guests, RV parking restrictions, and your future family before handing over your deposit!

We shared our thoughts on these unconventional interior decorating ideas—but what do YOU think? Tell us if these ideas are in or out in the comments!

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