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Most of us have already switched up our summer drinks with their pumpkin spice counterparts—admit it! But your Starbucks order shouldn’t be the only thing that gets an autumn-themed revamp. Some of us are go-getters and have already repainted our walls to a burnt orange color. While others have barely registered the falling temperatures. If you think that buying a 99 cent plastic pumpkin and setting it on your front steps is “good enough,” you need to re-evaluate your life choices.

When people think about fall home decor, they usually think orange leaves, pumpkins and squashes, pinecones, and pine-scented candles. In theory, fall decorating shouldn’t be too hard—key word, “in theory”. But because it’s been a full year since we last had to dig up our fall decorating bins, we’ll do you a favor and show you exactly what to avoid. Buckle up and let’s go!

Fall color scheme

Fall decor fails colorful couch

We all (should) know that simply labeling colors as yellow, red, and green just doesn’t cut it. Listing basic colors gave us passing grades in elementary school—but it doesn’t give you a pass in real life!

What happens when you toss up color options that are too general and expansive? Well, you get clashing tones or levels of intensity that just don’t work well together. Imagine a quilt that features queso-cheese colored pumpkins rocking chartreuse stems—doesn’t sound so good does it?

Mixing up color combinations to build new, stunning color schemes is always fun, so don’t be afraid to play with color. Look around at your local craft store or even the color schemes in fashion advertising flyers. Take a little from here and a little from there, but don’t overdo it! You don’t need a couch with the upholstery-equivalent of a dirty scarecrow.

But when in doubt, say yes to mustard, burgundy, and olive colors—you can thank us later.

Halloween interior decorating trends


Thanksgiving holds its own in the leaderboard of top fall holidays. But there’s just no beating Halloween when it comes to occasions-worth-decorating-for. And while no decorating is better than bad decorating, no home should go a year without fulfilling its spooky decor potential.

If you’ve ever seen any Halloween-themed episode of Modern Family, you probably have a good idea of what good holiday decorating looks like. We can’t all be like Clare and pull out all the stops every time. But take a cue from her and just commit once you start!

If you wanted to scatter your lawn with bones, are you really going to cheap out and just use those bone-shaped dog treats you already own? If you wanted to create the illusion of fog on the ground, would you just toss down some fluffy cotton balls? Being realistic, even on a holiday defined by fantasy and supernatural lore, is your best bet.

Borrowing from the living

Fall home decor fails

DIY-ing your decor is always a good option if you want an affordable way to make your place feel cozy and thematic. But don’t just go outside, grab a bunch of leaves and throw them haphazardly around the living room. And don’t feel confined to the standard hand-print-turkey or tissue paper pumpkin. Decorating isn’t just about bombing the place with stereotypical holiday mascots!

Why not hit up your local mall and buy up some fall-scented candles? Or switch out the pillow cases, area rugs, and blankets with thicker, cozier fabrics in deep autumn colors? Forgoing cartoony depictions of owls and foxes will make your decor sophisticated and chic!

Decorating mistakes aren’t just limited to the fall season. Check out this post on these 6 common mistakes made by interior decorators!

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