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Professional organizers play an extremely valuable role in the lives of their clients. Think about it – if your home was chaotic day in and day out, you’d be unhappy and stressed! Clients look to professional organizers to improve their quality of life, allowing them to enjoy their home rather than feel trapped in it.

So what are some reasons that people call a professional organizer? Read on for the 5 most common reasons your design tricks will be sought out as a professional organizer!

Inability to handle clutter

When it comes to problem areas in the home, clutter tops the list – it is so easy to accumulate!

Some surfaces in the home can become catch-alls for clutter, such as bedside tables, junk drawers, and closets. It happens to the best of us – life gets busy and we fall into bad habits! Living day to day in a mess of clutter, however, can create a very stressful environment.

Help your clients simplify their hectic routines by starting them with some basic decluttering steps. They’ll be extremely grateful for your help and compassion!

Not enough time

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With full-time jobs, families, and other responsibilities, many people simply don’t have the time to make big changes in their home. This is where you come in! Your time management skills, keen attention to detail, and (of course) your expertise will be valuable to clients who are simply too busy to spend entire days or weekends organizing their home. Perhaps they already tried to organize their home and gave up, either because they were frustrated or simply didn’t have the time to dedicate to it.

As a professional organizer, you get it! Showing patience and empathy to your client is the best possible way to approach this situation.

Chaotic lives

Pro organizers know that they improve their clients day-to-day lives. But did you know that your work can go even deeper than that? Some people are actually held back in their jobs or relationships by the chaos in their home.

Take a busy mother with three children, for example. If she can’t seem to stick with a system for her family’s laundry, this is a problem she can easily become overwhelmed by. When you help her make a proper organizing system, she gets to spend more time with her kids and doing things she enjoys.

More often than not, clients need help organizing their banking information, since their financial disorganization can lead to stress and anxiety. By giving your clients a system to work with to keep all of their finances in order (from budgets to tracking methods), you’re making a drastic difference in your client’s emotional state.

Bringing order back into your client’s lives is just one of the awesome perks of becoming a professional organizer!

Saving money

Piles of clothes, accessories, outdoor equipment, and books accumulate very quickly in the home – a common problem every professional organizer knows too well. Sometimes, it gets to the point where clients don’t even know which items they own!

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For example, mountains of clothing may be piling up in various rooms, but a client continues to go shopping and spends copious amounts of money on new summer clothing. They might be trying to ignore their disorganized closet – but this won’t help them live a better life!

Organizing closets is a major area of expertise for you! A properly organized closet is the top way to declutter and clean a room to save your clients money. They don’t need to buy more clothing, accessories, or books – everything will be at their fingertips.

Preparing to move

Anyone who has ever moved homes knows what a huge ordeal it can be to get organized beforehand…

Getting rid of furniture, sorting through belongings, and packing boxes is not a task anyone looks forward to! During this chaotic time, your services as a professional organizer will be absolutely vital in helping clients transition from one home to another. Plus, you’ll be there on move-in day to help create some foolproof organizing systems in their new home!

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They will be extremely thankful for your help and will hopefully learn some skills throughout the process. A few simple tips here and there can make a massive difference in how one person perceives their life and home!

Use your organizing superpowers to help others live a healthier life – see if you should become a professional organizer!

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