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María Fernanda Olaya is the proud owner of Coerenti and one of QC Design School’s Student Ambassadors. A graduate of QC’s Feng Shui Design Course and a student of the Professional Organizing program, María’s goal is to help clients rediscover their essence, and reflect it in their living spaces in a holistic and comprehensive way.

As you launch your design career, you’ll likely be wondering how you can differentiate your interior decorating business from the competition. One secret weapon could be to add Feng Shui knowledge to your skill-set. When it comes to interior decorating, Feng Shui is an especially complementary service!

Perhaps you’re about to begin your Interior Decorating certification through QC Design School. Maybe you’re stuck at a cross-roads and don’t know if you should pursue one career path over the other. Or perhaps you already have an established design career and simply want to know how you can make it even better.

Regardless of where you’re currently at, you will be able to benefit from Feng Shui training. Perhaps sharing from my own experience will better help illuminate your options and make clear why they’re useful. So, let’s get started!

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Feng Shui vs. Interior Decorating

Usually, interior decorators have an innate passion for design; a unique, creative vision. Interior decorating allows you to customize spaces according to the client’s preferences, as an extension of their personality. Interior decorating training gives you the necessary skills to create functional and beautiful areas within the home.

As an interior decorator, you know how to identify your client’s perfect design style. You achieve this by utilizing your knowledge of materials, colors, wall treatments, textiles, furniture, and decor.

Now let’s look at Feng Shui. This is a philosophy that helps us to feel better in the space we live in. It powers the vital energy (ch’i) to generate harmony and well-being. In many ways, Feng Shui gets into the objects’ essence. In this ancient practice, each material, color, or shape comes to life at some point.

Similarities Between the Two

Every decorative feature has its own ch’i. As a Feng Shui consultant, you would aim to achieve a balance between Yin and Yang energies inside every element within your client’s home.

Both interior decorating and Feng Shui attempt to create spaces where people feel comfortable and happy. They both strive to make a place where your client will experience a sense of belonging. Whether you’re an interior decorating or a Feng Shui designer, the goal is ultimately the same: to decorate cozy spaces where people prefer to remain.

In my perspective, interior decorating focuses on the physical aspect of the spaces. At the same time, Feng Shui embraces what we can’t see at first glance.

The Benefits of Feng Shui

Although many spaces don’t consciously put Feng Shui principles into practice, we all do it unconsciously. Whenever we move things around, declutter, or update our house, we’re actively trying to better the overall feel and energy of our space. This in-and-of itself is a Feng Shui principle!

As a Feng Shui consultant, you’d be able to offer your clients additional knowledge that could help them create a more personal relationship with their spaces. During a consultation, you’d teach them about how the home’s energies work, as well as how to use them in every aspect of their lives.

Many people do not know that by changing the home’s physical aspect, we also change the vibrations and energies of that space. At the same time, this changes the energies in every other area of our lives. That is why Feng Shui plays such an important role in our mental health and physical well-being. Your clients deserve to know this, too!

Want to learn even more about how Feng Shui can boost mental health? Keep reading here!

Adding It to Your Interior Decorating Services

The combination of colors, textures, and shapes is relatively subjective in the interior decorating field. As designers, we have a remarkable eye and creative instinct. Our abilities only improve once we understand each element’s individual meaning.

Learning how to combine Feng Shui principles with interior decorating practice is the key!

As a Feng Shui expert, you’ll create aesthetically pleasing color schemes in accordance to your Bagua map studies. You’ll also help your clients choose decorative accessories that not only look great, but encourage positive Ch’i flow as well.

A Feng Shui certification will make you a more comprehensive designer. You’ll be able to provide an additional service that can easily set you apart from the competition. Interior decorators have a natural sense of beauty. When paired with Feng Shui concepts, you’ll be able to propose better design solutions!

What I’m most passionate about in the interior decorating industry is the customization of people’s spaces. As a principle in my business, Espacios Coerenti, we focus on reflecting people’s essence in their rooms. For this reason, Feng Shui training has helped me to a large degree.

By putting the Bagua Map into practice, I create a respectful and wholly beneficial approach with my clients. In the end, I can provide more focused and exact solutions in specific places throughout their home. At the same time, my work can also have a truly positive impact on their lives.

QC’s Feng Shui Design Course

Obtaining my Feng Shui certification has brought me many advantages and given my business a stronger identity. In my experience as an architect, as well as having received a Master’s in interior design, I feel that QC Design School’s Feng Shui Course has been an excellent investment. It gave me a competitive advantage in the market, for a very reasonable price.

Some people might underestimate online courses due to inaccurate preconceptions of remote education. However, it was the best solution and the best investment of both my money and time. Especially given the world’s current circumstances, a proper education from the right online school is the only way to go right now if you’re considering taking a course.

The flexibility to complete the course at my own pace allowed me to develop my brand while pursuing my studies. I could set my own schedule and dedicate myself to my coursework whenever my availability allowed it. Not to mention, the international recognition of QC Design School is essential. Personally, I have lived in other parts of the world, and I plan to continue exploring new destinations in the future.

Being able to take my certifications along with me and have them be just as valid in other parts of the world is a major bonus!

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If you’re still wondering which QC course would best suits your needs, I invite you to leave your comments or questions below. You can also connect with me by joining our Virtual Classroom on Facebook!

Thanks for reading!

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