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My name is Caitlin and I live in Mooresville, North Carolina. I recently graduated from QC Design School’s Interior Decorating Course and am currently taking their Professional Organizing Course. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and have worked in business administration for over 10 years.

Growing up I had desires to be an Interior Designer. I always loved rearranging my room as a kid, and I distinctly remember every time my parents allowed me to redecorate it. I loved picking the elements, painting, and changing the vibe of my space. Something about it drew me in. It brought me joy.

I have always taken pride in presenting my home. I love slowly making little tweaks to a space until it feels just right. One of my favorite things is my weekly cleaning – keeping my space fresh and put together. Beautiful spaces boost our mood and help us destress!

My boyfriend and I recently completed our custom home build. The process of selecting materials, textiles, colors and fixtures reminded me of my passion for interior decorating. I began researching programs that would educate me on the industry, help me with own project, and give me the tools to build my own business down the road.

Fun fact: while building our home, we lived in a camper for two years. I quickly realized it is not about the amount of space you have, its about making the most of it. I recognized the value of design for function and organization.


I knew I needed to pursue my certification online due to convenience and flexibility. I discovered QC Design School and after a lot of research, I knew it was the right fit. Affordability was a big factor, but their offerings stuck out to me as well. In addition to my main certification, I have the option to continue my education with additional courses at discounted rates.

With all the technology out there, I’m still pretty old school and like physical materials. QC Design School was one of the only programs I found where I would receive coursebooks in the mail. The final appeal for me was I got a personal tutor. An industry professional to give me personalized feedback on my work and projects. Throughout my course she helped clarify any questions I had on the material. Some of the best feedback I received was on the power of detail and getting to understand your client’s concept.

My favorite project during my course was our final assignment. I got to put all the pieces together for a full design concept! – sketches, floorplans, color schemes, presentation boards and budgets.

The main reason I would recommend QC Design School is the depth of their programs. For both aspiring and established designers, there is a variety of courses to either help get you started or expand your offerings. The business tools provided are extremely beneficial, whether you want to embark on a full-time career or build a side hobby.


As a graduate of QC’s Interior Decorating course, the knowledge I gained will be the cornerstone of my future work. Interior decorating interests me because it is personal and subjective. Our spaces reflect our personality. You get to know a person; help identify their tastes and design styles.

I’ve experienced how impactful our homes are on our well-being. In addition to an aesthetically pleasing home, a well-organized home is key. It improves functionally and makes daily tasks easier. Your environment has an impact on your well being and energy, and you can make the most of that regardless of your space.

Since completing my course, I have begun working on establishing my brand, building a website, and pinpointing my niche services. Modern and contemporary designs are my specialty, so I landed on Modern Dream Designs as my company name. I want to help clients create the space of their dreams and land the perfect look for their budget. Success as a designer is in the form of happy clients who would recommend you to others!


We can’t wait to see Caitlin’s progress as she launches her design career! Be sure to follow QC on Facebook to get the latest updates from Caitlin and all of our talented student ambassadors!

Caitlin’s story can be yours! Enroll with QC Design School to start your journey toward an exciting new career!

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  • Bradley Schlagheck says:

    Nice to meet you! Love that you had the chance to build your own home and decorate a blank canvas!

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