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New to (and interested in) Feng Shui cures? QC Design School Student Ambassador, Fernanda Olaya, breaks down 4 that you should start using in your home right away!

Fernanda is the proud owner of Coerenti. As a professional designer, her goal is to help clients rediscover their essence and reflect it in their living spaces in a holistic, comprehensive way.

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Feng Shui 101

Feng Shui allows us to analyze and balance the energy around us, retain positive benefits, and remove adverse effects. My understanding of this ancient practice was formed – in large part – during my training in QC Design School’s online Feng Shui Design Course. By the end of my course, I was ecstatic! I now had the opportunity to see a whole new world for me as a western person. Moreover, I could begin implementing what I’d learned into my own design business… which is what I’ve been doing ever since!

As a Feng Shui Consultant, you’ll find energy imbalances in your clients’ houses. Fortunately, during Unit C of QC’s program, you’ll be introduced to the 9 general factors typically encountered in the face of an energy imbalance. These nine factors will guide you to be more precise when correctly re-balancing energy and using specific cures.

The 9 factors you will learn about are:

What is a “Cure”?

First, we can start by talking about the concept of “cure” in Feng Shui terms. You’ve probably heard about the good luck of mandarin ducks, dragons, and wind chimes. However, whether it’s a classic, Feng Shui cure or a more symbolic cure, it’s all a matter of understanding what exactly a cure does.

And the answer is quite simple: the purpose of a cure is to energize, redirect, or calm Ch’i within the home. Ch’i is the energy in your environment, and Feng Shui is all about creating flow and harmony with that energy. Moving Ch’i in your home will allow energy to work in different situations of your life, depending on your goals and objectives. Each cure helps in a specific way to every person or family.

Feng Shui cures can be broadly categorized into 4 different groups, according to their effects on Ch’i:

  1. A stabilizer cure
  2. An energizing cure
  3. An illuminating cure
  4. A general cure

To expand on and illustrate this, let’s take a look at 4 cures you can implement within your home (or your client’s)…

Chinese statue in living room

4 Feng Shui Cures to Use in Your Home in 2021

Cure #1: A solid item that’s difficult to move.

A statue, stone, large plant, or heavy piece of furniture effectively works as a stabilizing cure. These types of cures will make Ch’i more manageable. This is because they help bring calmness and order to spaces where Ch’i rushes too quickly or too forcefully. Because they’re solid, heavy, and stable, they stop harshly flowing Ch’i in its tracks. As a result, the Ch’i is forced to slow down and settle.

If you want to boost the energy (and it goes with your tastes and beliefs), you can also go with a symbolic statue, such as an elephant or a horse. The elephant symbolizes fertility, strength, and wealth. Horses, on the other hand, are symbols of courage, swiftness, and perseverance. Just keep in mind the size of the stabilizer cure; it has to be proportional to the size of the space.

Cure #2: Light the space with color.

I’ve always been a color fan. I believe that color is an effortless and practical way to change a space! So, it won’t surprise you that it’s also an illuminating cure. Colors can energize your client’s home. In very dark rooms or basements, you can implement a yellow color to make the space feel bright and cheery.

Just remember: each Gua has a color associated with it. You’ll learn more about creating successful color schemes during QC’s Feng Shui Course.

The magic about color is that it can be used as a sort of therapy. Each color represents a feeling, and it has the power to change your mood. Thus, it can be a strong tool because you can use it according to the Bagua Map, and consider how you want to feel in each space!

Cure #3: Energize your home through flowing water.

Flowing water is especially powerful as an energizing cure. It can flow from any number of sources, as such a:

  • Tap
  • Fountain
  • Stream
  • River
  • Waterfall

It can even be created by fish swimming through the water and causing ripples. Moving water symbolizes renewal and freshness. In general, water has always been a symbol of cleaning. It vitalizes any space; pushing old energy away and allowing healthy energy to flow in its place.

In the same way, you do this with your body. If you properly implement this type of cure, it will reinforce these desirable effects within your own mind, body, and life. As always, though, just remember to keep in mind the location of this cure within the Bagua Map.

Flowing water, pond in backyard of home

Cure #4: Crystals are flexible cures in Feng Shui.

If you have a dark corner, a missing area in the Bagua Map, or a place you want to use a cure with discretion, you can always turn to a crystal. Crystals are wonderful flexible cures that fit into all spaces, no matter how large or small they are. Moreover, they can be used both outdoors and indoors. Symmetrical shape crystals are known to distribute Ch’i evenly.

The two most common crystals used in Feng Shui practice are prism-shaped and spherical. The correct use of a prism-shaped or spherical crystal is to suspend it from the ceiling, using red string or ribbon. After all, red is a lucky color in Chinese culture. Whenever possible, the string should be measured using units of 9. This is because 9 has long been one of the most auspicious numbers in traditional Chinese culture.

Another crystal I personally recommend to my clients is the amethyst crystal. This pretty purple gem is a semi-precious crustal that helps turn negative Ch’i positive. If you use amethyst as jewelry, it also works to focus the mind and clarify the decision-making process.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to use these kinds of tools, cures, and symbols has helped me enrich my design process with each of my clients. After all, each and every project (and client) are different. QC Design School’s Feng Shui certification training gave me a complete guide for personalizing spaces… and it will do the same for you, too!

Furthermore, my business, Espacios Coerenti, has a clear mission: to reflect a person’s essence in their living spaces. QC Design School helped to create my business’s vision with unique solutions.

I’ve showed you just a few cures that you can use to improve your (or your client’s) home. Why not give them a try and see how they affect the energies within your space? Then, if you think this approach to interior decorating and design is the one for you, make sure to leave a comment – and enroll in QC’s Feng Shui Design Course!

Become a certified Feng Shui expert in as little as 3-6 months by enrolling with QC Design School today!

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  • Daniella De Luca says:

    Such an informative article! I have taken the Feng Shui course and there is so much information there to learn, it is a great course to take!!

    • Sarah-Lynn Seguin says:

      We always love hearing your awesome comments on our blogs, Daniella! As a rock star student like yourself who’s taken basically every course QC Design School has to offer, we always appreciate your insight. xx We’re thrilled to hear that you found Fernanda’s article so informative. We agree – to us, Feng Shui is an incredible area of the design industry that deserves a lot more recognition. Fernanda never fails to enlighten us with her subject-matter expertise! <3

      All the best,
      The QC Team

  • Bradley Schlagheck says:

    Thanks for all of the great info! Feng Shui is such a great technique for the energy in a room. People sometimes don’t realize how important it can be!

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