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Looking for some practical, affordable organization tips you can apply within your own home? Certified professional organizer, Bradley Schlagheck, has 4 that he guarantees will change your life! 🎉

Certified Professional Organizer Bradley Schlagheck’s Top 4 Tips!

Bradley Schlagheck is a Student Ambassador of QC Design School and the proud owner of Foundation Home. As a graduate of QC’s Interior Decorating and Professional Organizing courses, Bradley is both a designated International Design and Decorating Professional (IDDP) and an Advanced International Organizing Professional (AIOP).

Today, he uses his industry expertise to offer 4 game-changing organizing tips to improve your life!

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Let’s Recap!

In the above video, certified professional organizer, Bradley Schlagheck, offers the following 4 organization tips:

  • Zones and Homes. Most homes are already broken down into individual rooms. But what if you live in a studio apartment? Follow Bradley’s tips to create designated zones within your living space!
  • One In, One Out. This is a great rule in general, but ESPECIALLY when it comes to closets. To avoid clutter, keep your personal items balanced by getting rid of something old every time you obtain something new!
  • Categorize and Containerize. As Bradley discusses, the first big step for any organizing job is to categorize items and put “like with like”. As a result, you’ll better be able to see all of your items, use them more efficiently, and know which items you no longer need!
  • Use Vertical Space. This tip is particularly handy if you’re looking for extra space in smaller spaces. Bradley delves deeper into this, so again, make sure to watch the video!

Which of these 4 tips do YOU find most helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Daniella De Luca says:

    I should probably follow the “one in, one out” rule more closely myself! Great tips as usual!! Utilizing vertical space is also a big one for small spaces, being creative with using space in these situations is so important!

    • Sarah-Lynn Seguin says:

      We’re SO glad you found Bradley’s tips so beneficial, Daniella! We certainly did, too. 🙂 It’s amazing just how much a certified professional organizer can help us with our spaces, isn’t it? Let us know if you ever wind up implementing any of these tips within your own home. <3

      All the best,
      The QC Team

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