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There are tons of Feng Shui courses out there – but which one is best suited for YOUR needs and goals? Join QC Design School tutor, Ivy Ellerby, as she breaks down 5 important factors to consider before enrolling in a class!

The founder of Eastern Design and Home Staging, Ivy is an Accredited Staging Professional and Advanced Feng Shui Design Professional. As a renowned industry expert, Ivy uses her knowledge to help consumers increase profits on home sales and implement new design ideas into their living spaces.

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So, you’re ready to get professionally trained and certified in Feng Shui design? GREAT! But with so many options and so little knowledge, how are you supposed to know which course to take?

Hopefully the following tips can help you figure out which options are most important to you!

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Feng Shui Courses

Factor #1: Time

Before you enroll in any Feng Shui course, it’s important to be realistic. Chances are, your studies are going to take up some of your precious time. All schooling does. But it’s important to know upfront just how MUCH commitment will be required in order for you to complete the certification process.

After all, we have busy lives. Thus, the first factor you should consider is how much flexibility the course allows. For example, if there’s a personal emergency, will you be penalized for missing class?

Another factor to consider is the attendance requirement. Does this Feng Shui course meet only at a set date and time? Or is it self-paced? Moreover, does the class require you to meet in-person, or can you attend online via a platform like Skype or Zoom? Most brick-and-mortar schools have a rigid start and end date. If life happens in-between, there’s also little to no flexibility granted from an in-person learning environment.

QC Design School’s Feng Shui Course

QC’s online Feng Shui Course allows you to work on your studies at YOUR preferred pace. While you do have a full 2 years to finish your program, the course itself is less than 40 hours long. By simply devoting 1-2 hours per week on your studies, you can graduate in as little as 2-6 months!

Think about it: this means that if you have any extra time this summer, you can start AND complete your training before the fall!

The more time you have available to commit to your Feng Shui Course, the faster you can complete the certification. But the extra time is definitely there if you need it. The beauty of this kind of flexible, online learning is that the choice is YOURS!

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Factor #2: Learning Style

In my opinion, the learning process is the most important factor in all Feng Shui courses. Being able to learn the course materials as they are presented to you is key to your success!

The main question to ask yourself is: How will I be EXPECTED to learn – and will that work for ME?”

For instance, are the complete course materials provided to you upfront? Can you learn at your own pace? Furthermore, are you able to read information on your own? Can you complete an assignment on your schedule? Or can you only progress at your instructor’s pace?

One way or another, knowing your own learning style and preference is crucial when researching Feng Shui courses, and determining which one is right for you.

QC’s Learning Style

All of QC Design School’s online courses are self-paced. As a result, you’re given the liberty to determine for yourself how much information you can learn. Moreover, you can pick and choose a schedule that’s right for your lifestyle.

This is because we feel that YOU are the best evaluator of how fast you progress. After all, you’re the only person who truly knows your personal commitments and responsibilities outside of school.

Just remember: self-paced courses require discipline. It’ll be up to you to schedule time in your week to learn and complete your Feng Shui course requirements. But at the same time, this level of freedom is also a gift. After all, it gives you flexibility to spend more time on concepts that may be more challenging for you to master.

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Factor #3: Support

When learning any new concept, it’s important to have access to textbook knowledge. But it’s also critical to receive intensive explanations and beneficial support from working professionals; people who actually experience and understand the daily challenges in the design industry.

As such, when looking into different Feng Shui courses, make sure that they have:

  1. Tutors who are legitimate industry professionals, and
  2. Some sort of support staff that you can connect with directly

QC Design School’s Support Staff

QC Design School has many amazing Student Support members who are available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have! They are accessible via telephone, email, and live chat 7 days a week. Additionally, you also have the ability to ask your tutor(s) direct questions during times when the course materials do not address your specific inquiries.

Moreover, all of QC’s instructors are real working professionals in the design industry. On top of their long list of qualifications, they also continuously attend trainings and workshops in order to further enhance their skills for today’s market. Speaking as a QC tutor myself, I can say with confidence that not only do we train you to start your own business; you continue to have access to us even after you graduate from your Feng Shui Course!

Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to your student account in the Online Student Center, as well as in the Virtual Classroom on Facebook. There, you can find ongoing support and guidance throughout your design career, as well as refer back to any/all of your course materials as often as you’d like!

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Factor #4: Value

When choosing between Feng Shui courses, keep in mind that the cost of the tuition should be worth what you’ll actually get from the class itself. Understandably, paying for any educational program can be a fear for many people who are interested in changing or starting a new career.

For starters, especially when it comes to online schools, there are plenty of scammers out there. Disingenuous “schools” will tend to offer tuition that’s suspiciously low – or price their rates way too high for the quality of training provided. Even if the school is accredited and legitimate, many people are still justifiably concerned about paying for course materials that – while useful throughout the certification process – serve no purpose outside of the classroom.

The Value in QC’s Training

QC Design School’s course materials are filled with information and invaluable resources that you’ll continue to reference again and again throughout your career! The goal of our certification program is not only to teach you all about Feng Shui design, in order for you to add this qualification to your resume. It’s also to best prepare you for starting your business immediately after you complete your training.

Furthermore, we provide forms, templates, and tools that you’ll use with your clients for many years to come. We constantly update our courses to keep you informed, and competitive with the trends in the ever-growing design industry. As a result, you can be assured that you’re NOT learning decade-old course materials. Rather, you’re learning the newest information available. This way, you can become a successful leader in this business!

Another aspect that makes QC’s training of great value is that we introduce you to concepts in each of the various schools of Feng Shui. Thus, you have an opportunity to learn and decide for yourself which school of Feng Shui you resonate with most. Most courses teach only from one perspective. However, we feel that this disallows the student to properly determine which methodologies are in alignment with their personal design style.

Lastly, it’s also worth noting that QC Design School offers different, affordable payment options for students. In fact, our programs are so affordable that most students end up enrolling (and completing) several design courses at one time! Most importantly, and unlike other online Feng Shui courses, QC recognizes your right to use your professional design certification and designation free of charge – for life!

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Factor #5: Reputation

The Feng Shui courses you look into should have a good reputation! Firstly, the school needs to be properly accredited and recognized. Secondly, look for student success stories and legitimate reviews about the school. These student testimonials, reviews, and personal experiences should speak to the program’s ability to teach the necessary skills needed to excel in the industry. Lastly, check to see if the course provides a recognized certification upon graduation.

QC Design School’s Reputation

QC’s students are known for finding immense success in the professional world of design! In terms of our Feng Shui alumni, many have gone on to book tons of happy clients for both residential and commercial properties. Check out some of our student and graduate success stories here!

In terms of accreditation, QC Design School is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. With the BBB, we hold the highest possible consumer rating of A+. In addition, we have a positive 100% consumer ranking. We’ve also been a pioneer of online learning since 1984, with a superb track record among students and customers alike.

While there’s no governing body for the decorating industry, QC Design School and QC’s certifications are recognized internationally by a wide variety of associations within the design industry. For example, here’s a list of design associations affiliated with our school!

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Choosing the Right Feng Shui Course: Final Thoughts

Fun fact: I say all this as someone who’s completed their own training through QC Design School. Since then, I’ve also completed additional Feng Shui courses and workshops. When I look back on all of the education I’ve gotten over the years, I feel strongly that QC’s program was the best option for me.

It incorporated the ancient concepts of Feng Shui into a modernized design industry. Moreover, it helped me start my business immediately after graduating; planting many seeds for future opportunities to learn even more about the beautiful art and science of Feng Shui!

QC’s Feng Shui Course changed my life, and I promise it’ll change yours, too!

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