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UNIT B Overview

Feng Shui Design Course

In Unit B you’ll discover the tools of the trade, including the feng shui Bagua Map, the eight trigrams and feng shui cures and symbols. Learn how to use the Bagua Map in your clients’ home by studying helpful diagrams, and find out how take energy readings for different home design plans. Become familiar with the guas and learn how to suggest cures to your clients in the case of missing guas.

Get to Know the Tools of the Trade

The most important resources in this discipline are the feng shui Bagua Map, the eight trigrams and the feng shui cures and symbols. Study an example of both an octagonal and a square Bagua map and become familiar with what each of the eight trigrams represents. Through a provided trigram summary chart, learn how to identify the source of possible Ch’i flow challenges in a home interior in order to find the best cure.

Using the Bagua Map to Take Energy Readings

Think of the Bagua Map as your road map to healthy energy flow. Study a step-by-step guide to using the map for energy readings, including drawing and layering. Through numerous examples of floorplans, discover the design thinking process behind drawing a Bagua map. Learn how to take single room readings as well as readings of small areas in order to apply feng shui in bedroom, kitchen, and living spaces.

The Properties of the 8 Trigrams and the Guas

Each Bagua map contains guas that have the power to improve beneficial Ch’i in the areas of your client’s home. Delve into an overview of basic features needed to enhance each of the guas,  which bring art and design together for luck in a home interior. Learn how to employ certain symbolic or physical cures for missing areas that match a gua’s associated properties.