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UNIT E Overview

Feng Shui Design Course

In Unit E of QC Design School’s Feng Shui Design course, you’ll explore the importance of feng shui in bedroom and bathroom spaces, and how to generate balanced energy flow. Discover how different types of hallways and corners of a home interior can be infused with Ch’i, and how to improve staircases. Delve into storage spaces including attics and basements, garages, and laundry rooms and find out how energy radiates into the rest of the home from these areas. Study helpful diagrams in order to learn how important windows and doors are to an overall home design plan, and how feng shui principles can be applied to these areas most effectively.

Private Spaces

Of all the rooms in a clients’ home, bedrooms will have the greatest impact on their well-being and Ch’i. Learn how to use feng shui in bedroom spaces to help clients recuperate energy and prepare themselves for a new day, taking beds, furniture placement, and clutter into account. Discover which bed types are problematic, and how to decorate a master bedroom, children’s bedroom, and guest bedroom to promote healthy Ch’i. Discover the importance of a clean bathroom with fresh water, and how to suggest bathroom ideas to your clients that take items such as the door and other decorations into account. Hallways connect the rooms in a home interior, and should allow Ch’i to flow freely. Learn how to brighten dark hallways, use certain features to harmonize long hallways, and create a Yang atmosphere wherever possible. Delve into the many types of stairways and learn which features to add in order to circulate energy flow.

Storage Spaces

When it comes to your client’s home interior, storage spaces can have a huge impact on Ch’i flow. Attics and basements serve as the foundation of the home, and can result in harmful negative energy if not properly maintained. Learn how to use feng shui room design in spaces such as finished and unfinished basements, garages, and laundry rooms. Explore the importance of doors in home design plans, and learn how to properly place them in order to promote energy flow. Learn how to ensure the best view from your clients’ windows in order to promote positive emotions, and how skylights can greatly improve Yang areas in your clients’ home. Explore how specific storage spaces in your clients’ homes can have a huge impact on their lives.