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Maintaining a good social media presence is like running a marathon. You start out strong, but somewhere along the way you’re bound to start losing steam. The sheer pace of content creation and posting that social media demands is exhausting for all business owners—including interior decorators.

Linking to your blog posts, adding new pictures from recent decorating projects, sharing industry-related news… While all of these strategies are useful, a good social media presence means mixing up your content once in a while. Get your followers engaged with these 10 creative social media ideas!

1. Go behind-the-scenes

When it comes to your business, all your clients get to see is the tip of the iceberg. Show your followers what it’s like to be you by snapping a quick behind-the-scenes photo with a casual caption. A picture of your desk, office, agenda, or morning coffee is a simple way to add a little personal touch to your social media profiles. Take it a step further with a shot of yourself picking out wallpapers with a vendor or decorating the walls of a house.

This is where the magic happens!

2. Revive an old blog post

Pick out a post that did well last year and re-share it to remind your followers it’s still kicking around. Need an excuse? Pull out an old blog to share for a #ThrowbackThursday post or wait till the time is right to revive something seasonally appropriate.

3. Share something that’s unrelated to your decorating business…

… but totally fits with your brand. An inspirational or cheeky quote, a beautiful landscape, a well-designed room or trendy new product—these can help build your brand and appeal to your followers. Are you over the moon with your new Kate Spade purse? Charmed by a meal you ordered that matches your brand’s colors to a T? Snap a photo and share it on your Instagram.

This shade could definitely work in a powder room...

4. Share a resource

Show you’re an authority in the interior decorating industry by sharing tips or resources for your followers (like this handy Color Cheat Sheet infographic!). Image-centric resource content will score big with your audience. Do your services include home staging? Link to some helpful tools on working with a real estate agent or selling your home.

5. Tag a client or vendor

Share a little of your life and increase engagement with other users by tagging clients and business vendors you’ve worked with. Tag your latest interior decorating client and a local antique furniture boutique in your Tweet about Victorian house redesigns, or tag a local home improvement outlet to compliment their new logo. Of course, if you’re going to be including your client’s name, social media handle, or photos in any posts, you’ll need their permission first.

Starting the makeover with annaphillips and ray_man!

6. Start a series

A good series is a social media goldmine because it lets you riff off one broad idea almost infinitely. Share tips on DIY home decorating, or post snippets of the decorating process once a week. This idea combines easily with anything else on our list for a trusty source of engaging content.

7. Celebrate a weird holiday

April 8th is Draw a Picture of a Bird Day. Why? We don’t know—but the offbeat quirkiness of the day is sure to grab your followers’ attention. Take a look through a site like Days of the Year for strange holidays you can work into your business. For instance, Lighthouse Day (August 7th), is the perfect day to post a photo of a room you decorated with an airy seaside vibe.

8. Post an employee profile

Introduce your new assistant or intern to your social media followers with a photo and a few quick facts. Still working solo? You could do a shout-out to the trade workers, graphic designers, web designers, or other contractors who help you out with your designs.

Meet Allison, our newest intern! She's going... Read More

9. Ask their opinion

Are leather sofas in or out? What about mismatched wallpaper? You’ve got your own opinions, but find out what your followers think. Home decor trends are constantly coming and going in the interior decorating world, so you’ve got an infinite bank of content that’s sure to get your followers engaged.

10. Reach out to an industry pro

If there a professional interior decorator, home stager, or professional organizer you’ve always admired? Tag them in your post and try to get a conversation started. Sure, it’s intimidating, but the worst that can happen is that you won’t get a response. Put yourself out there!

Now you know what to post—but where should you post it? Check out our guide to social media for design pros for tips!

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