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It’s all about the famous saying “less is more.” This simple phrase applies to just about every area of design there is. From feng shui to interior decorating, clutter can ruin even the most beautiful of spaces. Knowing where and when to stop is a difficult lesson to learn – there are just so many beautiful decor pieces out there! We don’t blame you for getting design happy. But when is a space overly designed? And yes – that is a real thing. We’ve all walked into a room and felt overwhelmed. Continue reading to learn about the 6 ways that a professional organizer certification can turn you into a much better designer!

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Generally speaking, clients seek out design and decor professionals when they’re unsatisfied with their space. Sometimes a new sofa, a piece of art or fresh coat of paint can resolve this. But other times, it can have other sources. As a designer, you should be able to work with your clients to identify these sources and improve the overall atmosphere.

Clutter does no favors to the feel of a room. You can fill a space with beautiful pieces, but if it’s too full it won’t feel right. Professional organizing teaches you how to organize pieces in a room. This creates better flow and a less busy design. This is especially important inside the home. Your clients want a relaxing space to return to after work. Creating this atmosphere is a lot easier if you know how to make the space look AND feel beautiful.

Happier clients

Have you ever felt frustrated when you can’t find something? Maybe you’re in a rush but your keys aren’t in one of your three main dropping points! This can cause a lot of stress.  Sometimes being disorganized can throw off your entire day. Helping your clients re-organize their space will make them immediately happier, and grateful in the long run.

Storage solutions are an area where many designers and home owners struggle with. Everyone can imagine their dream space -that’s the fun part! Imagining how to make a space work for you is a whole other story.

Professional organizing courses introduce you to the variety of storage solutions available. Whether it’s to organize shoes, kitchen supplies or toys, your clients will be grateful to have a functional space. If you can help your clients avoid daily frustrations, why wouldn’t you?

This is especially great for those clients who have a good design eye to begin with, but struggle implementing their ideas!

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Mindfulness design

We all know about the surge of mindful practices. This idea is not new, and has sprung up time and again for a reason! It’s important to be thoughtful in your actions, especially when designing or decorating someone’s home.

Professional organizing courses teach you how to carefully consider each design element you add. This will help you in your purchasing as well as your placement of design items. Slowing down can be tricky when you get excited about a design. The mindfulness that professional organizing courses instill will help every designer!

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Productive spaces

Either you run the space or the space runs you. We are sure you have heard people complain about their homes. Designers often hear “there just isn’t enough space for us.” While this may be true, sometimes all that’s needed is a little re-jigging.

As a designer, it’s your job to create spaces that reflect the personalities of your clients. No one wants a cookie cutter layout or decor plan! Creating a space reflective of your clients also applies to their interests, hobbies, and lifestyle.

It’s important to spend time learning about your clients before you dive into the design. Find out what they enjoy doing, and how they spend their time at home. If your clients like hosting Sunday brunches, you better organize a space so extra seating can be easily accessed. For clients who enjoy stretching and yoga, try an open floor plan. Add some great storage options so they can hide away their equipment and do their living room yoga whenever they like!

Professional organizing teaches designers how to think in terms of optimization. We know you can make a room look beautiful, but can you make it work? When we say make it work, we mean make the space somewhere your clients actually want to spend time. Not only will they feel more comfortable in their home, but their productivity will be boosted as well. Professional organizing focuses on designing floor plans to fit individual clients and their needs.

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Interpersonal skills

While this may not relate directly to your design abilities, working with others is a huge part of your job. It’s important to be patient and empathetic with clients. Sometimes changes that you consider small may feel large to others. This is a challenge especially if they’ve been living in the same space for a long time. That’s why designers often face resistance from clients when presenting new ideas.

Professional organizing courses zero in on these issues. Since organizing can carry a heavy weight for clients, courses often spend time teaching the best ways to deal with interpersonal issues. This will undoubtedly help you in your design career. After all, personal connections are everything!

Even if your clients disagreed with you at the beginning of the process, good interpersonal skills can turn the relationship around. Professional organizing will teach you how to tune into your clients’ feelings and understand why they’re resistant to change.

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Last but not least, it is important to mention that many professional organizers are self-employed. This is a very mobile career after all. The job requires site visits and more site visits! This is why it is such an attractive career for those who like to be on the go.

As designers, you may have an interest in running your own business. The business lessons outlined in your professional organizing course will transfer to your design career. Learn how to write a business plan, register your business and insure yourself. These skills will help you understand the business side of things, and how to sustain your brand.

Professional organizing is one of the most important careers in the design industry. In this job, you truly have the power to turn your clients’ lives around. If you are looking to add this designation to your portfolio, we can’t encourage it enough. The spaces you design will become more functional, productive and pleasant. And don’t forget how happy your clients will be when their space looks and feels beautiful!

Think a professional organizing certificate can boost your design career? You’re right – check out QC’s Professional Organizing Course to get started!

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