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Once you’ve decided that you want to make your passion for organization into a full-fledged career, your next question is probably: “How much will I make?” Though money may not be the most important thing, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care if you can earn a living wage.

Here’s how much you can expect to earn as a professional organizer!

Average Salary:

The average salary of a professional organizer in the United States is a wide range! It can be anywhere from $50/hour (for starting organizers) to over $200/hour!

So why the wide range? Well, as you can already guess, your salary would increase depending on your years in the industry and the amount of experience you have. That’s standard. But there are some lesser known factors that influence a professional organizer’s salary, which we’re going to discuss in the following section!

professional organizer at her office

Salary Factors:

A number of variables will affect your salary. Some months you may make more, others less. We won’t go into detail about some obvious salary factors such as experience and years in the industry. But there are some other factors that warrant your attention. Here are some other common variables that’ll affect how much you earn:


Are you planning on doing business in urban cities or suburbs? Just by sheer numbers, you’ll see a difference in income depending on where you’re operating your business. While it’s completely possible—and likely—that you’ll encounter someone in a rural area who requires your services, it will happen less often. When you’re starting out, you’ll likely take a variety of different organizing gigs until you establish yourself. After that, though, you may choose to refine your business radius.

Time of Year

Springtime is when most people decide to clear out their homes after winter slumber—it’s a time for activity! Take advantage of this time of year. Make sure you don’t overbook or schedule too many people in, though. You’ll need to ensure that every client you book is given the same amount of attention and hard work as they would receive during slow season!


Whether you have a certification in professional organization or not makes a difference. You’ll be able to charge more for your services when you’re decorated with official documentation. It proves that you have been trained by experienced industry professionals. As you don’t technically need any formal training at all, having a real education will give you a running start! You’ll secure the trust of potential clients more easily, which will grow your salary at a faster pace.

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The stereotype is that only the rich can afford professional organizing. But the truth is, people of all income backgrounds can afford your services! Obviously, your salary will increase with your experience. But you can offer a variety of a-la-carte services to appeal to lower-income clients. Do your research! Assess what other organizers are offering in your area and how much they’re charging on average. You may even discover a niche that local organizers haven’t capitalized on yet!


You can charge more on certain services if you have a specialization. Maybe you’re the best of the best when it comes to kitchen organization. Or perhaps you got a certification in green design for professional organizers. Whatever it is, make sure that your expertise isn’t being undercut by your prices. Anything that sets you apart from your other competitors can help you increase your income!

Where to spend it:

Once you have money coming in, don’t blow it all on bells and whistles for your business! Budget for your overhead like insurance, a business license, and even a home office first. This must come before investing in marketing and self-improvement initiatives!

Develop a budget of expenses. It’ll become easier to estimate how you’re doing with your expenses once you have some rough numbers. But don’t just leave it to estimates. Expenses can add up quickly! Ensure that you have everything necessary to keep your business afloat before putting money in other places.


Whether new clients approach you from an online ad or they’re a referral from a satisfied, previous client, it’s all down to marketing! Besides outstanding client-service, you’re going to need to set up a recognizable brand. One that will come to mind when people think about organizing. This starts with having a good name that rolls off the tongue, and a professional logo that makes sense with your brand.

For your website, display your contact information, a list of your services, and your portfolio. When people are looking for professional organizing services nowadays, they’ll likely go straight to Google. Making sure that those who visit your website stick around may mean hiring a graphic designer. It’s not always possible when you’re a new professional, but it’s worth the investment once your business grows!

You’ll also want to make sure you have a social media presence. Social media isn’t something that professionals can slide to the back burner anymore! An active social media presence can lead to a greater reach if you have good quality posts.  You may wish to start a blog on your website and share it on Facebook or Pinterest! When you have material that is shareable and useful, you’ll gain followers in no time!

professional networking with association events


Although it’s completely optional, there’s a reason why you should consider joining an association. Some associations require you to complete a set number of paid hours in the field of organizing before you can even apply! But it will probably be one of your best investments.

Networking with other industry members is key. It’s a support network where you’ll mutually aid each other in growing your businesses. Yes, it’s a competitive industry, but you never know if they’re booked up and need to pass on a referral! Joining an association (or two) means having valuable resources you wouldn’t have known about otherwise at the tip of your fingers. They often also offer business insurance, discounted conference and tradeshow invitations, and training workshops, too!

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