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For interior designers and decorating professionals, the job shouldn’t be all about your interior designer salary. Rather, the most satisfying part of any project should be when it finally comes together. After all, that is the moment when you get to see all your hard work pay off!

That being said, we realize that your income does play a big part in your overall career. So, what if you do want to earn more? You can charge extra for add-on services, but you can also increase your interior designer salary by improving your overall skill-set! As an industry professional, one effective way to achieve this is to expand your services by specializing in different branches of interior design.

QC Design School offers a wide range of additional training options to expand your knowledge and expertise. Extra certifications can add more service options to your design business. More services will ensure you draw in more clients and boost your interior designer salary!

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Let’s look at the main reasons you should consider additional training with QC Design School…

4 Reasons Why Additional Training Will Boost Your Interior Designer Salary:

1 – It Adds Value to Your Services

Additional training certifications can add value to your current business services. As an interior designer, you already know that your style and skills must continually adapt to suit new projects. With more training, you’ll help be able to adapt more easily to different styles and projects. Your expertise in a wide variety of design topics will make your services that much more valuable to clients.

Adding value and specializations to your services will attract clients for a wider range of design projects. Instead of simply offering interior designing, think about how many more customers you could book if you were to also offer:

With these new skills, you’ll be able to take on even more work that you genuinely enjoy doing! Eventually, you’ll be able to charge more for your services, too. Your advanced knowledge of the design industry, as well as your specialized experience, will help justify an increase on your invoices. Clients will be willing to pay more to secure your specialized expertise and skills for their projects.

2 – It Allows You to Follow Your Passion

You can also hone in on specific areas of design that YOU enjoy and become a skilled specialist. Your clients will recognize your passion for your work and consequently be more confident in your abilities.

For instance, you might pursue a specialization with QC Design School’s Aging in Place Course because you want to design safe, comfortable spaces for older members of your local community. Your clients will recognize your desire to help the community, and feel confident in your training and industry know-how. As a result, they’ll be more than willing to pay extra for your services!

Consider areas of design you’d like focus on as you choose your training courses. Improve your design skill-set and specialize in the area that you’re passionate about to boost interest in your business. Additional qualifications and specializations means a bigger payday for you – and a greater interior designer salary overall!

3 – You Can Stand Out From the Competition

Prospective clients will look for an interior designer who has the most impressive set of skills and experience – as well as the most attractive portfolios – to complete their design projects. Your additional training and certification will ensure that you stand out in a crowd. This way, you can easily compete with other designers in your region!

Your specialized skills and training will put your business miles ahead of the competition. You’ll impress more potential clients, secure more design contracts, and, of course, improve your bottom line: your interior designer salary.

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Highlight your certifications in your resume and in your design portfolio. Showcase your additional training and specialized skill-set in your marketing content. Make sure prospective clients know that you’re always focused on learning new things and boosting your creativity. Use your new training to increase your competitive edge!

4 – You’ll Attract More Clients – Which Means a Higher Interior Designer Salary

Additional training will increase your interior designer salary by helping you reach more clients. Prospective clients with specific projects in mind will look for designers with specialized skills to ensure they receive high-quality results.

For instance, specializing in Feng Shui Design will attract clients interested in balancing energy in their homes. A color consultant will be able to provide in-depth information about color choices for specific rooms, while a home stager will ensure the home is presentable and appealing to potential buyers. By expanding your design skill-set and building upon your existing qualifications, you’ll be able to offer a wider range of services to your potential customers – with the training and certification to back them up!

Show your clients that you’re a skilled design professional by branching out into specializations. Your clients will notice that you’re expanding your industry knowledge and keeping up with current design trends. Remember that you should always consider your education as an ongoing process. There will always be something new to learn!

Additional training also shows your clients that you’re open to new ways of creative thinking. So, keep your knowledge up-to-date with popular specializations that appeal to your clients and their individual needs!

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Your Interior Designer Salary: Adds to Your Skills With QC’s Courses!

You can choose from a range of training options with QC Design School to expand your services and increase your interior designer salary. Our courses include:

Fun Facts About QC Design School’s Courses

In case you need more convincing, here are some additional benefits to taking additional training with QC Design School to boost your interior designer salary:

  • Each course is 100% self-paced!
  • You can study the courses from anywhere in the world!
  • You’ll have 2 full years to complete each program you enroll in!
  • You tutor is a working industry professional and design expert!
  • You’re training at an internationally-leading online school that has been in the business for 35 years!
  • QC Design School proudly holds an A+ ranking from the Better Business Bureau!
  • When you complete a course, you’ll receive a physical certification that will strengthen your resume and help attract more clients to your business!

Can you think of any more reasons why additional training can help you increase your interior designer salary? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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