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Thinking about taking a home staging class and earning a certification? Student Ambassador, Jamie Cromar, is here to tell you why you should pursue your training with QC Design School! Jamie is the founder of Leigh Allan Design and is currently enrolled in QC’s Interior Decorating and Staging for Designers courses. 

Making the decision to jump head first into an interior decorating career by enrolling with QC Design School was a huge and exciting decision for me. But it wasn’t the only decision I made.

When I was researching into QC, I saw all of the amazing courses they offered that covered a wide variety of different design areas. This got me thinking, Why take one course when I can take two? I was already taking the chance, so why not really go for it? With that, I chose to add a home staging class to my course load as well.

What is a Home Stager?

A home stager is a professional who improves your property’s appeal. As a certified stager, you will create a welcoming and beautiful space in which the buyer can envision themselves living.

(Speaking from experience, QC Design School’s home staging class definitely gave me the knowledge to do just that!)

Why I Decided to Enroll in a Home Staging Class

I have always been interested in the process of home staging and the magic of it all. Whenever I walk into a home, I can’t help but visualize the different ways the space could be optimized or rearranged. I always tend to envision how I could personally set it up.

The Interior Decorating Course was a must for me, but I also knew I wanted to add to my education on top of this as well. Once I realized that QC Design School offered home staging training, I immediately wanted to see what it was all about.

In retrospect, once I started actually learning about home staging, it very quickly became of my favorite parts of design!

Staging for Designers vs. The Home Staging Course

QC Design School actually offers two home staging classes, depending on whether or not you’re also taking the Interior Decorating Course. One is called Staging for Designers and the other is the Home Staging Course.

When choosing between the two programs, I made sure to read the course outlines to see what the differences were. The Staging for Designers Course is the right option for those who are also enrolled in the Interior Decorating Course. This course makes sure not to repeat material that you will already learn in the Interior Decorating Course.

The Home Staging Course, on the other hand, is meant for students who are not also taking the Interior Decorating Course. This program will teach students everything they need to know about home staging – including relevant information that’s touched upon in the Interior Decorating Course.

Interior Decorating vs. Home Staging

There are many similarities between interior decorating and home staging, but there are also many differences. When you are hired as an interior decorator, you are helping the client create the feel they want to have for their own home. The idea is to make their vision come to life.

With home staging, on the other hand, you are creating a design for a home that your client is selling. You’ll specifically be aiming to create appeal for people interested in buying that home; a lifestyle the buyers can see themselves living in.

couple moving couch in living room

The Importance of Proper Training

I was drawn to learning as much as possible about a career in design. Getting a reputable certification would make my skills more in-demand. Taking a professional home staging class is a smart idea, regardless of whether you’re an aspiring stager or you already have experience. The more education behind your name, the better your chances are of increasing your income and bottom line.

A home staging class will teach you how the business works and different ways you can approach your career. For example, you can be hired by the homeowners who are selling their home, or you can work with real estate agents.

Regardless of which QC home staging class you choose, you’ll be given invaluable insight into the market. You’ll learn the basics of how real estate works and discover how to maximize a home’s appeal to the right demographics. All of this will really help you to understand ALL aspects of the home staging process.

How Home Stagers Benefit the Clients

Some sellers think that getting their homes professionally staged is not that important. They can just give it a good cleaning before listing it on the market and that will be enough.

But the truth is, staged homes always show better than homes that aren’t. It’s also a proven fact that a staged home improves the overall sale; often selling faster and above asking price. As professionals, home stagers have the training and know-how to change the space in a way that maximizes its potential.

We have the vision to take away personal items, design it for the new buyers, and above all else, treat the home as a product that needs to be sold. Thanks to my home staging class with QC Design School, I can now tackle staging clients’ homes with confidence!

I Enjoy Being a Home Stager Because…

…it’s exciting! Each job is completely different and the way you choose to run your business can be so versatile.

For instance, you can consult with the homeowners on what they can do to update their home for resale. You can style and pair down items in the home. Alternately, you can also come into a completely empty space, furnish it, and style it to make the home feel lived-in and designed.

Maybe you’ll want to rent out furniture to fill empty properties. Instead, perhaps you’ll prefer to buy furniture, keep it for your own afterwards, or rent it out as an additional service. The limits are endless on what you can do and where you can take your business!

My Final Thoughts

Home staging is one of the last investments your client will make in their home. But it’ll also be one of the most important! I always like to say that the cost of a home stager is less than the first price reduction on your house. Every dollar a client puts into hiring you is returned to the ten-fold once they sell their home.

Learning online has given me something positive to do during this pandemic – and all from the comfort of my own home! Staging homes during the pandemic has proven very interesting, too. Now more than ever, people need a home with the least amount of work. They want something that’s move-in ready. It should be a place they can already see themselves spending time in. (Which will be much more time than usual these days!)

Our job as professionals is to help the new buyers see the true potential of each home!

Whether you’re already a home stager or looking to become one, QC Design School will give you the valued information needed to succeed in your career. If you’d like more information, feel free to reach out on QC Design School’s Virtual Classroom on Facebook. See you there!

Enroll in a QC home staging class today and graduate with an internationally-recognized certification in as little as 3-6 months!

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