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Dream of starting an organizing business? We, for one, think this is an AWESOME dream that you should definitely pursue! ūüéČ

But hang on – don’t start booking clients just yet! There’s a lot of work that goes into launching a brand-new business. We want to make sure you’re on the right track first. That way, your chances of success will be that might greater.

So, stick around… because this article is for YOU!

Where to Begin When Starting an Organizing Business

Bradley Schlagheck is a Student Ambassador of QC Design School, as well as the founder of¬†Foundation Home.¬†He’s also a certified graduate of QC’s Professional Organizing and Interior Decorating courses. In our new YouTube series, Bradley will explore how to start an organizing business and the many critical factors that go into making this endeavor a success.

Watch the video below to discover Bradley’s Top 5 Tips for getting started!

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Let’s Recap!

Bradley’s 5 tips for starting an organizing business are:

  • Deciding on your business structure. In order to run a business, you’ll first need to know how you want it to operate! For example, do you want to be a DBA (“Doing Business As”), a Sole Proprietor, an LLC, a partnership, or a Corporation?
  • Name and register your business. Make sure the name you wish to use is available¬†before¬†you begin using it. If it is, get it registered ASAP so no one else swoops in and takes it first!
  • Make a business¬†plan. This step is crucial! Developing a business plan will help you determine both your vision and your goals. Moreover, you can present your finalized business plan to future vendors, employees, and banks.
  • Get your paperwork ready. This paperwork will include everything from client contracts and forms, agreements, business insurance, finance tracking, servicing pricing, etc. If you need any help with your templates, there are tons of free ones online that you can customize! Plus, QC Design School will provide you with plenty of templates as well.
  • Make and market your brand. Remember, your brand will be your company’s identity – so it’s critical to develop the¬†right¬†brand that properly reflects you, your vision, and your services. Once you know your brand, it’ll be time to take strategic measures in order for it to get seen!
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Bonus Tip When Starting an Organizing Business: Get Professionally Certified!

Before you start an organizing business, you must first understand how to successfully work as a professional organizer. It’s not enough to simply be neat and have an eye for where things go! Like any field, professional organizing is an intricate craft that requires a solid education, practice, and time to master.

So, start your career on the best foot possible by taking a reputable certification course! Not only will having this certification help you stand out from the competition; it’ll gain the trust of even more clients, increase your potential earnings, and better your bottom line.

QC Design School’s Professional Organizing Course

QC’s Professional Organizing Course is 5 units long and filled to the brim with invaluable content! Some of the beneficial skills you’ll learn include:

  • The¬†true¬†job description of a professional organizer;
  • Various different types of clients you’ll work with;
  • How to produce home design plans through the use of floorplans;
  • The importance of balance and visual weight in home design;
  • Many different kinds of storage solutions at your disposal;
  • Strategic decor and furniture placement;
  • The art of decluttering;
  • How to set your client up for long-term success within their home;
  • How to establish successful, long-term client relations;
  • The ins and outs of starting (and running) a thriving business;
  • And SO much more!

Thanks to QC Design School, starting an organizing business has never been easier! Turn your dreams into a reality by enrolling today!

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  • Daniella De Luca says:

    Starting a business can be a scary thing!! These tips are a helpful guide that can give you the confidence to just get started!!

    • Sarah-Lynn Seguin says:

      We definitely agree, Daniella! Embarking on such a big adventure can definitely be nerve-wracking – especially if the person has never started their own business before. But with a little guidance, it doesn’t need to be so scary. <3 We're very appreciative of Bradley for sharing such wonderful tips with all of us! ūüôā

      All the best,
      The QC Team

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