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Meet QC Design School graduate: Paola Frasca! Tell us a little about yourself, Paola.

Hello, my name is Paola and I’m a QC Design School graduate! I’m originally from Italy, and I moved to Canada when I was 14 years old. I’ve studied languages in University and in addition to English, I’m fluent in Italian, Spanish, and French. I’m blessed with two beautiful kids.

Also, I love cats and tattoos. I currently have one cat and about 14 tattoos!

Why did you decide to become a home designer?

During my youth, I would always watch home design shows on TV. Later on, during my pregnancy with my second child, I was obsessed with these kinds of shows. So, I decided to take an online course!

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What made you decide to pursue your certification training online – and how did you hear of QC Design School?

Since I was pregnant, I wanted to do an online course instead of going to school in person. I found QC Design School, searched over your website, and thought it was the best fit for me at the time.

Now, what I took at the time was a correspondence course. Back then, online was not available yet through QC… Yes, I’m pretty old. Lol!

Why did you ultimately choose to enroll with QC Design School? (E.g., What was it about our school that won you over, compared to other online design schools out there?)

QC Design School, immediately caught my attention! The program was very straightforward. What’s more, I was very pleased when I called the school to learn more about the program. The staff were very kind and helpful!

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You’ve graduated from QC’s self-paced, online Home Staging and Color Consultant courses. Can you tell us more about why these particular areas of home design interest you so much?

I’ve always had a passion for interior design, and the fact that I would always watch home design shows on TV made this passion develop further. I remember that every time I would visit my sister’s house, by the time I left, it would look different.

Furthermore, color consulting goes hand-in-hand with home design. As such, I thought it would be beneficial for me to have this design tool as well.

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Speaking as a QC Design School graduate, what was your experience like in these two programs? In your opinion, what were your favorite parts of these courses – and what was the most challenging for you?

My experience during the process of these courses was amazing! My favorite part was that I had time to finish the courses at my own pace. Moreover, support was always available and the Student Support Team was always very quick to reply to any questions that I may have had.

In my opinion, the best part of it all was receiving my certification soon after completing the course. The fact that the school also offered great deals for more courses was wonderful, too. In fact, those deals helped me to get more certifications for different courses that were of great importance for me… As well as help me even further with my home staging career!

You’ve also completed QC’s Virtual Design Training mini course. Would you recommend this one-unit course to others? Furthermore, why do YOU feel home designers should be trained in eDesign services these days?

QC’s Virtual Design Training mini course was also very helpful, as it provided me with tips and concepts that I was  not aware of (or thought necessary to have). Going through COVID and all the restrictions that we were faced with, eDesign gave me the opportunity to continue to work with clients virtually. With this tool on-hand, I was able to provide some of my clients the virtual design or consultation that they needed.

Whether the client is a few hours away from me, or it’s hard for the client to meet with me for whatever reason, eDesign services give me the opportunity to still work with them regardless. I definitely believe that eDesign should be a tool that all home designers have in their repertoire! It will open up other doors for their business AND will allow the designer to always be there for the client – even if it’s not in-person.

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How would you describe your style as a designer?

My style as a home stager changes according to what the current design trend is.

How did you come up with the name of your business, Stiletto Staging?

As a businesswoman, I wanted the name of my company to represent me. I’m a shoe fanatic, and I always wear heels. Those that know me know that heels are my passion and my “comfy” shoes.

Therefore, Stiletto Staging was the perfect name for the perfect representation of me!

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Headshot by Enzo Voci Photography.

What were the most challenging parts about launching your very own business? How did you overcome these challenges?

Moreso than challenges, per se, I had to overcome fear. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of not being able to, fear of jumping into something on my own, fear of clients not liking my work, etc.

But one day, I decided to close my eyes and jump in and overcome my fears! From there, my world changed – and it got better and better each day that went by!

Tell us about the different types of design services your business currently offers clients!

I currently offer:

  • Home consultations;
  • Cleaning services;
  • Decluttering and organization;
  • Home staging;
  • And in-hand with that, color consultations.

In your professional opinion (and based on what you’ve seen as an industry expert), how does professionally staging a home benefit it once it’s listed on the real estate market? Basically – is home staging worth it and why?

Home Staging is a MUST! Staging a home really makes the house sell on its own – and for a higher price than what the home was originally listed for! I would like to share one example…

I staged a condo and it only received one offer. However, that offer was $126,000 over the asking price! So, the owner obviously accepted it right away. Plus, they knew that it was thanks to my de-cluttering recommendation – as well as my professional staging – that their condo got this fabulous offer.

Do you remember what your very first project with a legit client was like? Tell us about it! What did you learn?

My first project was actually for a real estate agent that I had approached at the beginning of my career. She was selling her own house and wanted me to go in and do a consultation. From there, she hired me for the staging, sold the house in less than a week – and we’ve been working together ever since!

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Speaking as a QC Design School graduate who runs their own company, what are your business strategies when it comes to: finding/attracting clients, marketing your business, networking, etc.?

I find that the best marketing tool to find clients is word-of-mouth. Of course, I have social media on different platforms. But realtors giving my name to other realtors, or to their clients, is my best way of finding clients of my own.

What do you love MOST about home staging?

I LOVE everything about home staging! Mostly, I’m proud of when I’m staging a vacant home, because I love the feeling when I see the final result. That said, when I stage an occupied home, I also love the feeling I get when I see the clients’ face… And how shocked they are of the transformation of their house!

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Which area of the home is your favorite to stage and why? What about your least favorite?

Honestly, I can’t say I have a favorite or least favorite area to stage. The truth is, I love staging EVERY room of a house – from fully furnishing a living room to accessorizing a powder room!

What advice would you give to aspiring home designers who dream of starting their own business?

Go for it! If you don’t try it, you will never know. Yes, it’s hard at the beginning, but don’t give up! Persistence is the key.

Most importantly, listen to your heart and not to what other people have to say.  Do it and don’t give up. Your dream will come alive if you believe in yourself!

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Overall, why would you recommend QC’s self-paced, online certification training as a QC Design School graduate yourself?

QC Design School is highly recommended because the courses are very straightforward and help is always available! Best of all, QC’s prices are good, affordable, and allow you the opportunity to take multiple courses!

To date, what’s been your proudest moment so far as a professional home stager?

Every project I do is my proudest moment. I always finish a project by saying, “This is the best one so far!” I’m very proud of how far I’ve come by overcoming my fears.

What’s in store for Stiletto Staging this year and beyond?

Stiletto Staging will continue to thrive and perform well, as it has so far. The business integrity will always be strong. I want people to know and recognize the name Stiletto Staging everywhere!

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