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Home staging after the end of warm summer months may seem like a challenge. Fewer buyers are looking, and a combination of bare trees and dreary fall days can make for low curb appeal. At the same time, however, fall can work in your favor; the cozy feeling that accompanies appropriate fall staging will make a home feel like a warm retreat from cooler weather.

Decorating for the fall season doesn’t have to be all about pumpkins. With a color palette ranging from burnt orange to fiery cinnamons and cranberry red, the changing autumn landscape is the perfect place to pull inspiration from. Looking for design ideas? Take a look at these 5 ways you can transform a bland space into an inviting autumn oasis.

1. Incorporate some Halloween kitsch

Fall Interiors Halloween

A touch of seasonal kitsch can add some homey and whimsical character to a house that is otherwise a blank slate. Fall is often a nostalgic season, and the changing season tends to invite a warm sense of tradition. While you want to avoid gaudy holiday decorating, incorporating a little bit of festivity can create a personal connection between a home and a potential buyer.

Even if Halloween is your client’s favorite holidays, don’t overdo it. For example, one tea towel with a black cat on it is enough in the kitchen. A single jack-o’-lantern on the porch is perfectly festive without going overboard.

Consider limiting any holiday decor to a fireplace mantle. Not only will it showcase a spot where future families can feature their own traditions, decor can easily be transitioned for upcoming holidays, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving.

2. Choose from a gorgeous fall color palette

Fall Interiors Fall color palette

All you have to do is walk outside for a quick dose of inspiration. Bring out striking outdoor influences in the details. Love the look of autumnal leaves? Incorporate some fall foliage in a colorful door wreath. Or bring in fiery autumn colors with paint color and accessories.

A bright bowl of seasonal candy or bright McIntosh apples provide cheerful, stylish pops of color. Bring out the feel of fall harvest with winter wheat and fresh seasonal flowers: chrysanthemums, dahlias, and hibiscus blooms are eye-catching in bronze, pink, and crimson shades. In bar or dining areas, feature a table-runner in a gingham print to add a rustic touch. Stage some beautiful wine glasses alongside a bottle of apple cider.

3. Include a fall paint scheme

fall interiors floral bouquet

An important thing to keep in mind during the fall is that paint colors will change. While some days might enjoy a blaze of strong fall sun, others will be cooler and darker. As days become shorter, a paint color that reflected ample natural light in the summer may appear starker and colder in the winter and fall.

For example, an east-facing kitchen will reflect cooler undertones earlier in the day, since days are shorter. If a client is intent on selling in the fall, you may want to consider suggesting a new paint color. Depending on the space, a rich, dark interior can make a room seem much cozier.

Fortunately, extra candles and lighting are also appealing ways of bringing in extra lighting to cast away shadows. Make well-maintained fireplaces a focal point.

4. Warm up with textiles and accessories

fall interiors warm up with textiles

Cozy throws, sweaters, warm knits, and candles… these are just a few of the fall home stager’s favorite things! While you may begin to sound like a broken record, textiles can do much to change the ambiance of a room. Cranberry red accents with warm neutrals are stylish and seasonal.

If furniture pieces fall some between rustic and grand, think of pillows, throws, window-treatments, rugs, cozy bedding, and fluffy pillows in different textures and warm colors.


As a rule, stick with fresh and clean scents for a home staging job. However, fall may be the only exception. Try warm, spicy scents reminiscent of a home-made apple pie.

5. Focus on curb appeal

fall interiors curb appeal

Curb appeal is even more significant during the fall. Bleak days and bare trees leave the exterior of a house completely exposed. Focus on outdoor maintenance: ensure that siding is good condition, and leaves are raked. Have your clients apply fresh stain to wood surfaces that appear weathered.

There are also many more layers to take off during the cooler seasons. A seating bench with storage area is a thoughtful extra touch that clients will remember. A rug for outdoors shoes, and extra hooks or a coat rack are great for additional layer will make a home both inviting and functional.

For some home staging ideas to avoid, check out these fall home décor fails!

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