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Are you ready to become a professional organizer? Then it’s time to learn the best way to start your journey into your new career! In this post, we’re going back to basics to give you the info you need to know in order to get into the home design and improvement industry.

There’s plenty of different ways to gain experience and skills as a professional organizer. These tips will get you started the right way!

Find your niche

Kitchen home design for professional organizers

First things first, you need to know what type of professional organizer you want to become. Would you like to organize households for busy parents? Or, would you rather work for businesses to organize their offices? You don’t have to choose just one area, but finding a starting point will let you gain experience without getting in over your head. Expanding your business and organizing skills comes with time, so don’t be afraid to start small!

Show clients examples of projects you’ve worked on at home, and create detailed plans if you have a solution to their specific problem. As a self-starter, being prepared will let you land clients faster and build your client base. Focus on being professional and keeping clients satisfied with your work—it’s the best way to gain referrals!

Show empathy

Although you already know how to empathize, working with stressed out clients can be a challenge in itself—even before you get to the organizing part! Empathy is a feeling, and learning how to use this feeling to create a solution to your client’s problem is what you need to practice. Since no client is the same, you need to have a few strategies on hand for working with different situations and lifestyles. The most important task: show your understanding by creating a detailed plan. When your clients can visualize a solution, their trust in you grows. This way, you create a connection with your client on an emotional level before beginning your project. Building a foundation will keep clients coming back for more business!

Search for inspiration

How to start a career in home design and become a professional organizer with online courses

Find inspiration for your organization projects by following blogs, watching HGTV, or reading home design magazines. There’s countless ideas on clever storage hacks and working with a client’s vision—you just need to find them and follow along! Studying industry professionals will give you an inside look on how to handle clients and build a profitable business model.

Practicing within your own home is also a smart way to find new and creative organizing techniques. You can change and rearrange as much as you like, learning which designs work best for each room. Try out some DIY storage ideas and see how well they measure up. You never know when you’ll run into a budget-friendly client who loves to build!

Stay educated

Home design education with online professional organizer courses

Possibly the easiest way to start your career as a professional organizer is to enroll in an organizing course. Education will take your prior knowledge of organizing strategies and expand your ideas on how to help clients stay clutter-free. Further, professional organizing courses will demonstrate how to start and run your business properly. Networking with clients is a big part of being a pro organizer—and one that you can’t overlook. Courses give you expert tips and tricks on how to establish yourself in the industry. Plus, it never hurts to show off that professional organizing certificate when you’re meeting with possible clients. They’ll be ecstatic to see that you’re a trained pro!

Professional organizing is the new face of interior design, so don’t forget to keep notes on helpful strategies and organizing techniques for your new career. Be prepared for business and your skills in home design will do the rest! Of course, you can always check out which steps you’ve taken and which ones to continue so you can have a successful career as a pro organizer!

Ready to follow your passion? Take a sneak peek at what you’ll learn in your professional organizing courses!

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  • Shirline Johnson says:

    How do I become a professional organizer?

    • Katie Deck says:

      Hi Shirline,

      Thanks for sharing your interest! One of the best ways to start this career path is to take courses and learn about Professional Organizing. QC Design School offers this Professional Organizing Course, where you learn about the principles and strategies of organizing the home. All of our courses are available online and are flexible to suit your personal schedule. We’d love to answer any other questions you have about Professional Organizing – it’s an exciting and fulfilling career! Give us a call at 1-800-267-1829 and our Support Specialists will help guide you!

      Looking forward to speaking with you!

      The QC Team

  • Juiwanna says:

    Thank you so much for your timely reply. I will be contacting you soon!

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