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Lianne Cousvis is a graduate of QC Design School with certifications in decorating (IDDP), home staging and redesign (ISRP), color consulting (ICCP), and professional organizing (AIOP). Lianne grew up in the Bahamas, where colors are celebrated and regularly utilized. She now owns her own design company, ChiChi Fringo Designs, in Toronto, Canada.

Ahh, the age-old question: “When should I decide to hire a certified organizing professional?”

Of course, my answer to that question is simple. The time is NOW!

2020 has been a crazy ride so far. Now more than ever, we need to try and reclaim our space. In the dawn of “a new normal”, we’re all finding creative, innovative ways to do things. For instance, many of us are rethinking our homes and what we want our ideal living space to look like. Since we’ve been in them so much more over this past year, it only makes sense that we might be feeling the need to switch up our sanctuary.

For those of us wishing to reinvigorate our homes, the task can seem a bit overwhelming if our quarters happen to be cluttered. This is where the help of a certified organizing professional comes in handy! If you don’t think you have enough space for a full-blown makeover, or you simply want your immediate environment to be a little less chaotic, then you’ll be surprised at what a professional organizer can do for you!

book shelf organized by certified professional organizer

The Perks of Getting Your Home Professionally Organized

Sometimes, it’s as simple as rethinking the guest bedroom that you never use, or creating a nook in a closet that can easily become an effective study area. Other times, the need for a professional organizer can be more dire. For example, if you have a tendency to hoard your belongings, a certified professional organizer can be exactly the person you need to get your home back on track! 

It’s important to note that a professional organizer won’t simply barge into your home and command you to start tossing out all of your beloved possessions. Rather, they’ll arm you with tools and techniques so you can clear up your space and maximize all of that free room!

Keep this in mind: to declutter is not always to discard. Sometimes, it simply means to reclaim a space that is no longer being used efficiently.

You would be surprised just how many creative and functional solutions a set of trained eyes can be, especially when it comes to objectively examining the various options in your home. Often, they’ll be options you never even imagined you could ever have!

Did You Know:

If we were to add up all of the time together, we spend an average of one whole year of our lives looking for lost items! Isn’t that jaw-dropping? That’s over 8,700 hours spent looking for misplaced things!

I think we can all agree that this is definitely a waste of such time.

That being said, when you look at the facts, it’s a great way to get things into perspective. For instance… how easily could you find your keys this morning?

Hiring a Certified Organizing Professional: Where to Begin

Hiring a certified professional organizer isn’t always an easy task. For some, admitting that you need assistance can be a vulnerable thing to do. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed in your home, and are unsure where (or how) to begin, your first step should be to make that phone call and get the help you need.

There is absolutely NO shame in asking for help!

In fact, hiring someone to come conquer your clutter is actually quite the trend these days. It’s not just for the rich and famous – although you can see that they’re on the bandwagon, too. There are even shows about it, as well as all kinds of Instagram and Pinterest boards to prove it.

clothing closet organized by certified professional organizer

The Benefits of Hiring a Certified Organizing Professional

This field is relatively new. The benefits of hiring a certified professional organizer are just starting to be recognized by the masses.

For starters, you get to save time in your everyday life! This is because you won’t need to look for items once they’re in a well-organized space. On top of this, by reclaiming control over your home, you’ll regain a sense of control over the rest of your life as well!

Even more importantly, hiring a certified professional organizer is a key way to help conquer your stress levels, too. It’s true! It’s been reported time and time again that living in a cluttered environment is actually detrimental to your health.

Did you know that clutter increases the primary stress hormone, cortisol? Did you know that cortisol is a leading culprit of weight gain, an inability to focus, chronic fatigue, and depression (just to name a few)? It can even alter how we experience pain.

Add to a worldwide pandemic on top of all that, and it’s safe to say that the majority of people are dealing with much higher stress levels than usual. Our homes should not be a contributing factor to this negativity!

If you feel that your home is a chaotic environment, rather than your safe haven, then it’s high time that you hire a certified professional organizer. Trust me: it’ll be a health benefit to both you and your loved ones!

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