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Tammy Hart, I.D.D.P, CAPS is a graduate and tutor of QC Design School as well as a Certified Aging in Place Specialist from the National Association of Home Builders. She is the owner and award-winning designer for Designer Chick Co., and she’s the previous director of the National Board for DDA (formerly CDECA). She is a professional speaker and has spoken at venues like IIDEXCanada and the Small Business Forum. She’s been featured in East in the City Magazine, has had a guest spot on Daytime Durham, Rogers TV and has won the HOUZZ Service Award 2017. She works to empower young women to become successful future leaders and supports ocean clean-up efforts.

Last month, we focused on upcoming interior decorating trends as well as trends that are growing in popularity.

This month, we’re talking about trends that have lost their traction and perhaps are on their way out. Remember, last month I mentioned this quote by Billy Baldwin:

“Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”

Don’t be afraid to be faithful to your own likes and dislikes. No matter what the current trends are, you’ll always like your own. If taste change, and you won’t always like the same things you did before. So don’t be afraid of change either!

Below, I’ve outlined the 10 trends that need to go “buh buh byeeee”!

sleek kitchen appliances and contemporary lighting fixtures is a hot interior decorating trend 2019

1. Gray color palette

It’s been a long time coming (easily a decade) but yes, it’s finally happening. Goodbye, gray! We’re seeing the return of color. This is not to say that we won’t see grays as the base of our color schemes. But we won’t see it used in rooms as a solid color much longer. In its place will be richer greens, blues and reds. You’ll be seeing these in “pops” throughout the home.

2. Neutral kitchens

And with the demise of gray, we are bringing back color in the kitchen. Up until now, we’ve been seeing kitchens with varying combinations of white and gray. Moving forward, we’ll see two-tone kitchens with color, where the island is a separate color to the upper cabinetry, and countertops will be warmer.

I still am a fan of rich wood grain in the kitchen for a transitional kitchen style. Additionally, black is back. High-gloss blacks in the kitchen with large scale backsplashes will be around for the next year or two.

3. Retro appliances

Speaking of kitchens…for a few years, appliance manufactures like SMEG have been enticing us with colorful appliances in retro styles. Although I love them and the concept, an appliance is what I consider a short term 10-year marriage. And I can see clients falling out of love with them after a while.

But a trend that’s continuing to grow this year is the matte black high-tech appliance. These appliances are sleek and sexy—and don’t leave fingerprints!!! Not only that, they’re becoming more high-tech and intuitive. They’re telling us what we’re missing in our fridge, saving us energy with lighting, and even illuminating the inside of our dishwashers—perfect for clients choosing to age-in-place.

kitchen decor black decor sleek appliances

4. Edison bulbs

We’re saying goodbye to Edison light bulbs. This isn’t to say they don’t have their place in contemporary decor, but we are seeing sleeker, more contemporary lines in our fixtures. Vintage, artisanal lighting design is also making a return with pendants and sconces.

5. Industrial chic

As we say good-bye to the Edison bulb, I think we’re seeing a departure from industrial design and decorating and the return of softer lines. Mid-century art deco anyone? This interior decorating style uses much softer lines and curves.

6. Sparse, small prints

Small prints and artwork are being replaced with large-scale prints and bold colors. Use them smartly, though, as feature accents in your rooms. The same goes for furniture. The large, jewel-toned statement pieces will be out this year. Go for decor with interesting textures.

7. Eclectic decor

The chaos of eclectic decorating style is out. What you will see is a more refined eclecticism that incorporates function into home design rather than unusable chaos.

eclectic interior decorating and home decor

8. Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns have seen their day. Using them now will make your room look dated.

9. Macramé

Enough said! I’ve never understood macramé, even back in the 70’s when I was only 4-years-old. Needless to say, I was shocked when I saw it coming back. I do, however, like the idea of DIY projects within the home as I’m an advocate of upstyling and recycling.

You’re going to see the return of vintage finds being recycled and repurposed. Hit up your antique markets for treasure, and allow yourself to think outside of the box.

10. Succulents

Succulent plants have had their time. In their place are classics that make a greater impact. With plants, you’ll want to go floor size to make an impact. Consider varieties of palm trees like the Travellers Palm or the Areca Palm Tree.

Bamboo, Variegated Ficus Trees and Golden Dieffenbachia add lovely height to a space. The large-leaf fig tree will add staggered dimension. One of my favorites is the Schefflera Tree. It’s leaves remind me of flower petals. You could even add a mini lemon tree in the kitchen. Not only will it add vibrant pops of yellow, but it’s functional, too!

interior decorating trend bright living room with two houseplants, Umbrella Tree and Spiderplant, Schleffera Compacta, Chlorophytum Comosum

Our tastes and personal preferences are all subjective. Remember, that the most important person when redesigning a home is your client, and it’s only their taste and style that matter, not yours.

Are there any other interior decorating trends we missed? Let us know in a comment!

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